Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery: Asia's First SAP-Certified Cloud Backup Product

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery: Asia's First SAP-Certified Cloud Backup Product

With HBR, you can integrate your SAP HANA database on Alibaba Cloud with cloud native backup systems for unified backup and management.

On November 15th, 2018, Alibaba Cloud's Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) service received an official SAP certification, making Alibaba Cloud one of the earliest cloud vendors to receive this certification, right after Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This means that if you deploy an application system supported by the SAP HANA database on Alibaba Cloud, you can integrate the SAP HANA database with cloud native backup systems for unified backup and management. You can also receive SAP official technical support.

(SAP official certificate)

Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) is a cost-effective, secure and reliable, and easy-to-expand cloud-based data backup service. The HBR client's built-in deduplication and compression functions can significantly reduce the amount of backup data transferred to the cloud, as well as the bandwidth and cloud storage cost.

HBR supports a very high data compression ratio by using Data Deduplication—a powerful technology independently developed by Alibaba Cloud. It reduces the required data storage through identifying and compressing redundant data. In the big data era, we have a lot of duplicate data. The use of the data deduplication technology can reduce the required physical storage space to meet the daily increasing data storage needs. The data deduplication technology provides a lot of practical benefits. For example, it reduces the required storage capacity and cost, as well as the network bandwidth.


It is a typical file-block-based duplicate data removal technology that divides files into multiple chunks. The simplest and most commonly used approach is to hash the value of the hash block, and then use the hash value to search for hash blocks with the same hash value. A Recipe file contains information about the relevant blocks that make up the file. With this Recipe, you can restore the complete file.

In addition, HBR makes full use of the multi-replica function of Alibaba Cloud's native cloud storage service to ensure the security and reliability of SAP customers' backup data on the cloud. This also enables easy backup management and remote disaster recovery of the backup data. Based on Alibaba Cloud's huge storage capacity, HBR provides users with backup and archiving services for data that need to be saved long-term. The backup space is ready-to-use and easy to expand. After integrating HBR (the backup device) with the SAP HANA database by using Backint for SAP HANA, SAP users can seamlessly use Hana Cockpit, Hana Studio, and DB13 on the HBR cloud console. SAP users can also easily back up and recover data from the HBR cloud console. In addition, HBR allows SAP users to back up data from offline physical machines and virtual machines, and Alibaba Cloud virtual machines. In the future, HBR will provide SAP users with more SAP product and scenario support.

Backup devices have been evolving with the SAP system since the day SAP was born—from primitive punch cards to drum memory, magnetic tape, virtual tape library, and today's cloud backup. Cloud backup is currently the peak of backup technologies. In comparison with traditional backup devices, it has the following advantages:

1.  Higher reliability
HBR uses Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) to store the backup data. OSS is designed with the cross-zone triplicate storage architecture, and supports data flow convergence validation. The integrated compression code and encryption code can ensure efficient, secure and consistent data storage, complying with the commercial SLA.

2.  More cost-effective
By using the high-compression-ratio data deduplication technology, HBR only requires between 1/30 to 1/4 the storage space of conventional backup devices.

3.  Highly efficient user experience
HBR's user interface is designed based on human-machine Interaction engineering, and allows users to complete backup scheduling within one minute. The display of query results is also very intuitive and clear.



For more information about the HBR technology, see the following SAP note:

2031547 - Overview of SAP-certified 3rd party backup tools and associated support process 2724297 - Support Process for HBR

(SAP issues HANA Integration certification)

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