Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Empowers MNCs to Expand in China and Accelerate Digital Innovation in Asia

Alibaba Cloud Empowers MNCs to Expand in China and Accelerate Digital Innovation in Asia

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud's participation in the Asia Pacific Digital Innovation Expo (ADIE) in Singapore.

In March 2024, Alibaba Cloud made a striking appearance at the inaugural Asia Pacific Digital Innovation Expo (ADIE) in Singapore, bringing together industry leaders and representatives from multinational companies to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in digital development across the Asia-Pacific region.

At the insightful roundtable on How Can Enterprises Maintain their Resilience and Growth?, Bridge Song, Vice President of Alibaba Cloud International, General Manager of MNC Strategic Key Account, delved deeply into the ways Alibaba Cloud has been empowering MNCs in China to bolster their resilience via digital transformation and the adoption of best practices. He showcased a compelling case of a Fortune 500 FMCG company that meticulously crafted a holistic digital transformation strategy for its supply chain, spanning from production to sales coordination. By harnessing the extensive and proficient data computing and analytical prowess of Alibaba Cloud, the company was able to develop a dynamic and adaptable master planning engine. This engine masterfully manages demand forecasting, inventory oversight, material planning, and the intricacies of production scheduling. Such a system empowers the company to nimbly adapt to market fluctuations, fine-tune its production capacity, and realize comprehensive cost efficiencies, setting a benchmark for digital agility in the modern business landscape.

Bridge has also manifested its exceptional prowess in catalyzing growth through Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge innovation. For instance, in 2023, Alibaba Cloud enabled a top-tier Fortune 500 healthcare enterprise to leverage AI technology underpinned by Large Language Models (LLM), which, when synergized with the company’s proprietary nutritional knowledge graph, facilitated the complex data to orchestrate the world’s premier customized nutrition platform. This platform offers a highly personalized, accurate, and swift assessment of consumer health using objective data, delivering a seamless, one-stop solution tailored to individual product and service needs. Such an innovative paradigm has markedly fortified consumer allegiance to the brand and has been a significant impetus for business growth.


During the Alibaba Cloud Asia Accelerator CXO Salon, Bridge also engaged with C-level executives from multinational companies, discussing the robust digital economy of China and how its best practices can advance digital innovation in Asia. Additionally, Hankai Gu, Director of Solutions, showcased Alibaba Cloud's strengths in AI and ESG through practical examples and case studies.


Selina Yuan, Vice President of Alibaba Group, President of Alibaba Cloud International stated, "We will continue to collaborate with multinational corporations (MNCs) globally, leveraging digital technologies and cloud computing to deliver more efficient services and superior experiences to our customers. Additionally, we aim to explore digital innovation across a broader spectrum of fields."

Since its establishment in 2015, we has consistently focused on the growth of multinational corporations (MNCs), rolling out a suite of services that fulfill stringent security, compliance, and IT governance demands. In a significant development in December 2023, Alibaba Cloud exclusively launched "Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud," providing MNC customers with a compliant and high-performing CRM platform on its cloud infrastructure. To date, over 50% of the Fortune 500 MNCs, including prominent companies such as LVMH, Henkel, HP, CapitaLand, Shiseido, etc. have chosen Alibaba Cloud's products and services as key partners in their digital transformation journey.

As AI technology increasingly drives society forward, Alibaba Cloud emerges as a leading force in Asia for digital transformation, a firm defender of data compliance, dedicated to cost efficiency, and a pioneer in agile global services. It serves as the perfect partner for multinational corporations (MNCs) aiming for worldwide sustainability, helping them adopt digital and AI technology. This support boosts their business growth, strengthens their presence in China, and fast-tracks their expansion across Asia.

Learn more: https://www.alibabacloud.com/en/solutions/china-gateway

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