Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud ONE Program to Accelerate Digitalization of Philippine Businesses

Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud ONE Program to Accelerate Digitalization of Philippine Businesses

APAC Cloud leader inks new customer ABS-CBN during its PH summit.

Manila, Philippines, 19 October 2022 – Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has announced the official launch of its latest support program to empower Philippine businesses to explore leading cloud computing technologies and embark on their digitalization journey.

Unveiled during the Alibaba Cloud Summit Philippines 2022, the “Cloud ONE” program is set to help eligible Philippine companies maximize emerging digital technologies and proactively address diverse challenges in various industries while co-creating inclusive digitalization across various stakeholders.

The program aims to provide Philippine businesses with resources to onboard with Alibaba Cloud more efficiently, including free services to support migration to Alibaba Cloud, streamlined access to the Alibaba Group ecosystem of solutions, including those around e-commerce and payments, free access to industry experts and cloud training to further help in growing their businesses.

“Governments need to keep up with the pace of a hyper-connected world and the demands of their citizens for faster, real-time, transparent, inclusive, efficient, and responsive public services. To do this, the Philippines core strategy is to promote and achieve digital transformation. Leveraging on cloud-based technologies and solutions should be part of the groundwork towards digital governance and eventually building a robust digital economy,” Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue, Undersecretary for ICT Industry Development, the Philippines Department of Information and Communications Technology(DICT), told the summit.

“We believe in the unbounded potential of businesses and brands in the Philippines that can be unlocked through digital technology. And that is why we aim to bring such products and solutions within their reach through initiatives like Alibaba Cloud’s latest Cloud ONE program. We look forward to welcoming new participants into this project,” said Leo Liu, General Manager of the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau SAR, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

New customer: ABS-CBN

During the summit, Alibaba Cloud inked agreements designed to help customers and partners accelerate their digital innovation capabilities with leading cloud computing technologies. One of these agreements has been signed with the country’s leading content provider, ABS-CBN.

As ABS-CBN strengthens its foothold in the development and distribution of digital content, it needs a scalable storage service provider that not only enables real data management but also offers protection of existing data assets and reliable archiving.

Alibaba Cloud’s Object Storage Service (OSS), designed with 99.9% durability will provide ABS-CBN with industry-leading scalability and a high-availability cloud-based storage management system useful in its growing distribution efforts. OSS also offers ABS-CBN flexible, cost-effective archiving and data protection through its cloud backup feature, minimizing the need for physical infrastructure. Migrating existing data from one storage to another is also made seamless by the OSS through its compatibility with multiple online data sources.

“We want to expand our digital operations safely and efficiently to better serve Filipino audiences here and abroad. Alibaba Cloud, as a trusted cloud service provider with decades-long expertise and an established ecosystem of cloud-based platforms and services, empowers us to do that,” said Erwin Malimban, ABS-CBN head of broadcast technology.

“As more traditional media outlets enter the digital content world, the importance of data storage, management and security is pushed to the forefront of conversations. We expect this initiative will help ABS-CBN create a new way of managing their content on cloud – lower latency, high availability, and providing the scale needed as they grow,” said Allen Guo, Country Manager for the Philippines, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

As the leading public cloud service provider in Asia Pacific, Alibaba Cloud launched a local data centre in the Philippines last year. It offers its expertise in cloud technology to provide a range of world-class solutions, including elastic compute, database, security, storage and network services and machine learning and data analytics capabilities, to address issues and challenges in the different key industries in the Philippines.

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