Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Developer Center Launch Announcement

Alibaba Cloud Developer Center Launch Announcement

Alibaba Cloud Developer Center is now live! Join us in our quest for empowering a thriving global developer community.

Today, I'm glad to announce the launch of the Alibaba Cloud Developer Center, home to the Alibaba Cloud international developer community. You can build your application on top of Alibaba Cloud platform and services, dive into our technical guides and how-to tutorials, or share your projects and ideas with the community worldwide.

Open Source Projects

Since 2011, Alibaba Group has been actively involved in building open source communities, with the number of open source projects increasing every year. Alibaba has contributed to several popular open source projects including Apache RocketMQ, Weex, and Dubbo.

Alibaba currently has 150+ open source projects, each with over 10,000 GitHub stars! GitHub statistics from 2017 show that Alibaba is the only China-based company included in GitHub's top contributor list. Furthermore, Alibaba is ranked number 5 in the Top 20 Most Popular Chinese OSS survey conducted by OSChina. You can share your ideas and collaborate with developers from around the world by contributing to our open source projects

Learn more about our open source projects at https://developer.alibabacloud.com/project

Developer Tools and Resources

To enable the developer community to leverage Alibaba Cloud platform and services, we offer a set of tools and resources so that developers can build applications and solutions for a multitude of business scenarios. The service APIs and SDKs we offer span across a spectrum of Alibaba Cloud products and services (ECS, Database, Storage & CDN, IoT, Analytics, Networking, Application Service, Mobile Services, and Media Services).

Learn more about our developer services at https://developer.alibabacloud.com/service

Learn more about our developer tools and resources at https://developer.alibabacloud.com/resource

Community Outreach and Engagement

Furthermore, we are reaching out to a network of developers worldwide to learn about Alibaba Cloud technology advancements and the latest technology trends from Damo Academy, a research arm of Alibaba Group, by providing an online community platform that includes Blog, Events, Webinars and much more. You can find out the latest development trends and keep abreast of the cloud technology on the Alibaba Cloud Blog.

In the near future, we are rolling out a Community Star program where you can enjoy benefits and connect with experts by contributing to our blog, answering questions and participating in online communities and forums.

Find out more about our online community at https://community.alibabacloud.com/

More Ways to Contribute

Are you looking for more ways to contribute? Well, you're in luck! We offer more community programs that you may find interested in ?

The Getting Started channel allows you to develop, deploy and host your web applications on Alibaba Cloud with step-by-step tutorials and how-to videos. We are encouraging experts like you to join Alibaba Cloud Tech Share to share your technical knowledge and best practices within the cloud community. You don't have to be an experienced writer to contribute. If you have solid technical knowledge and practical experience, you can share your technical expertise with the community and get rewarded.

Alibaba Cloud MVP program is a program for technology thought-leaders to evangelize and help the community understand and advocate Alibaba Cloud technologies. As an MVP you will enjoy reputation and exposure in a global cloud community and other benefits by trying out and improving our product and solutions, sharing at computing conferences, meetups, and webinars.

Alibaba Cloud Community Builder is a program to reward our existing users who contribute their knowledge on online community platforms. You can get rewarded by asking and answering questions on third-party platforms, including StackOverflow and Quora. By participating in the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder, you stand a chance of winning up to $200 gift card each month and have an increased chance of becoming an Alibaba Cloud MVP!

What Are You Waiting For?

With the launch of the Developer Center we hope to empower a thriving developer community and enable a global Alibaba Cloud developer ecosystem.

Join us in our quest now to build an open and innovative community!

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Joshua Dong

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Raja_KT March 17, 2019 at 4:57 pm

I wish the developer center can be promoted better esp open source

Dikky Ryan Pratama May 5, 2023 at 4:16 am


Joshua Dong

4 posts | 7 followers

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