Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Big Data Products Continue to Impress the Global Market

Alibaba Cloud Big Data Products Continue to Impress the Global Market

Alibaba Cloud's MaxCompute is recognized as one of the top Cloud Data Warehouse product globally, and the highest ranked product from Asia.

In Q4 2018, Forrester, a leading market research organization, released a report titled "The Forrester Wave: Cloud Data Warehouse," which highlighted the top 14 Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) providers globally. Forrester has previously released a report, "Now Tech: Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2018," which showcased Alibaba Cloud's suite of big data products, including MaxCompute and DataWorks.

This marks the first time Forrester has evaluated Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) solutions. The report evaluated the current functions, product trends, development strategies, market performance, and other aspects of the most popular cloud data warehouse products. In the report, Alibaba Cloud ranks 7th in cloud data warehouse product vendors, ahead of Microsoft.


In this report, the core functions of cloud data warehouses (CDWs) are primarily evaluated according to solution diversity, data integration, performance, elastic scalability, and security. The report comments that Alibaba Cloud combination of MaxCompute + DataWorks + ApsaraDB provides a reliable data analysis platform based on a wide range of infrastructures, meeting its customers' demands for real-time and EB-level data processing capabilities. The details of DataWorks have been widely reported, so we take a closer look at MaxCompute here.

MaxCompute EB-Level Data Processing Capability

First, let's review the numbers.

During the 2018 Double Eleven Shopping Festival, MaxCompute processed more than 600 PB of data every day, supported 120,000 transactions per second during online peak traffic hours (for e-commerce units developed in mixed mode), and stably carried 45% of the shopping traffic, providing strong assurance and smooth support during the peak hours.

According to its official introduction, MaxCompute is an efficient and fully managed data warehouse solution. Defined generally, MaxCompute is a large-scale distributed data computing platform, and large-scale computing is its most fundamental capability. As the main computing platform of the Alibaba Group, MaxCompute supports 99% of the big data storage and 95% of the computing workloads in the Group, offering an EB-level data processing capacity that was on display during Double Eleven.


MaxCompute also offers some other advantages over traditional Hadoop solutions. MaxCompute provides users with a solution for complete data import as well as various classic distributed computing models, which can quickly resolve problems in massive data computing. This effectively reduces enterprise costs and ensures data security.

MaxCompute has the following features:

  1. MaxCompute is optimized for computing engines and distributed storage. It requires the least time and cost in Sort Benchmark, ensuring optimized cost effectiveness.
  2. Server resources and the cluster size are elastically scalable.
  3. MaxCompute supports SQL, MR, iterative computing, memory computing, graph computing, and other computing models.


Extensive Application Scenario

MaxCompute is currently providing companies around the world with big data computing capabilities. Guan Tao, Director of Alibaba Computing Platform, said: "In the public cloud market, MaxCompute grows by 250% in user and computing capacity every year. Its services have already been deployed in more than a dozen countries and regions around the world."

For example, MaxCompute is used at the lower layer of City Brain for storage and big data computing, supporting supports the intelligent upgrading of cities including Hangzhou, Macao, and Kuala Lumpur. During upgrades, computing platforms consisting of MaxCompute, PAI, and StreamCompute play a major role.


In addition, MaxCompute has been widely used in various industries:

Weather forecasting is a highly demanded service, with hundreds of millions of weather query requests and billions of advertising requests each day. MaxCompute is excellent for handling this data volume. MaxCompute helps Moji Weather Forecast to rapidly respond to hundreds of millions of weather query requests and accurately deliver billions of advertising requests every day. In the online insurance industry, MaxCompute helps Zhong An Insurance accurately analyze user profiles to provide hundreds of millions of users with billions of insurance policies, delivering health and safety to these users while improving business efficiency.

In short, through Alibaba Cloud, MaxCompute provides efficient and stable computing capabilities for any scenarios that involve massive data.


Forrester's report indicates that big data technologies have stepped into the CDW phase. Alibaba Cloud provides a reliable data analysis platform based on a wide range of infrastructures, meeting the customers' core demands for real-time and massive data processing capabilities.

As a big data computing platform, MaxCompute is not only an engine but also a comprehensive data solution for enterprises. Over the last decade, MaxCompute has stably supported all the data services of the Alibaba Group and delivered powerful data processing capabilities to a wide range of enterprises in the cloud. MaxCompute is the ideal solution for digital transformation in many industries. It builds a stable, secure, and scalable data mid-end that enables efficient interaction with application systems.

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Raja_KT March 11, 2019 at 4:26 am

Slowly, I think with experiences on Realtime Compute, Dataphin, Analytics choices , DLA.....it can capture market.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute

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