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Mobile Gaming Taken to the Max with Cloud Solutions

Alibaba Cloud Gaming Solutions eliminate the risk of SPOF and provide vertical configuration upgrades with flexible scaling capabilities.

To find out more about Alibaba's Gaming Solutions and our mobile gaming success stories, download 'One Level Up: Mobile Gaming on the Cloud' whitepaper today.

With the gaming industry expanding worldwide, driven hugely by smartphone technology, cloud solutions for mobile gaming are enabling a better user experience and low maintenance costs for developers. The recent phenomenon known as "gaming-on-demand", where players can enjoy a game remotely from a cloud, is an emerging growing trend and one enterprises need to join.

Gaming Industry Challenges

That ultimate challenge that faces gaming companies is the need for a platform that can collect, store, and analyze massive amounts of player telemetry data. Meanwhile there's also an increased need for scalability, cost effectiveness and high availability too.

Minimal latency is essential for any online global gaming application, with servers laid out internationally to ensure platforms are disaster resistant. Eliminating all the overhead costs from over-provisioning resources and performance limitations can be achieved through the integrated scalability of the cloud.

How Do Our Solutions Help?

Alibaba Cloud's Gaming Solutions convert previously static and multifaceted gaming infrastructures into highly flexible adaptable resources for on-demand and long-term use.

MMOG Mobile Cloud Solution

Massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) can support large numbers of players simultaneously, so they require high connectivity and a robust architecture.

Alibaba Cloud's powerful and exceptionally reliable cloud computing solutions address MMOG mobile challenges to drive business value. The solution values all gaming enterprises need, such as high network throughput capacity, elastic resource scalability, high computing power and a stable game access experience.

Card-Based Mobile Gaming Solution

When a player inserts a player card to start gaming, it is called "card-based gaming". Mobile card games require cloud engines that can power innovative gameplay and powerful back-end service architecture.

Alibaba Cloud Gaming Solutions help to eliminate the risk of single-point-of-failure, as well as providing vertical configuration upgrades and flexible scaling capabilities.

In short, Alibaba Cloud's solutions will continue to drive the mobile gaming industry forward; by continuing to impress and surprise gamers, as well as fast track game commercialization for game providers everywhere.

To find out more about Alibaba's Gaming Solutions and our mobile gaming success stories, download 'One Level Up: Mobile Gaming on the Cloud' whitepaper today.

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