Community Blog Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Pablo Puig

Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Pablo Puig

In this blog, MVP Pablo Puig talks about the benefits of becoming an MVP his recent efforts and success in building a Spanish community for Alibaba Cloud.

Pablo Puig is the founder of Roopu Cloud, a training and consulting company with focus on Alibaba Cloud. Before, he was working as a cloud architect consultant in Germany for Nordcloud, a leading European company in cloud implementation, application development, managed services and training. After working on different cloud platforms, Pablo saw the potential of Alibaba Cloud and decided to specialize in the Alibaba Cloud platform. Pablo is now Alibaba Cloud Certified and an Alibaba Cloud MVP.



My cloud journey started back in 2016. Since the beginning, I saw the potential of the cloud and all the advantages that the cloud could offer to the companies. During the last years, I have been working as a cloud architect consultant and I have had the opportunity to work with many clients from different sectors. Thanks to this I have improved my knowledge in managing different cloud platforms and gained experience in multi cloud environments. Additionally, being involved in so many projects has given me a huge overview of the possibilities offered by the cloud to implement solutions and create products.

Starting with Alibaba Cloud

Due to my passion for learning and being updated with the newest technologies in the market, I started my Alibaba Cloud journey back in December 2019. Since then I have been working on many projects for different customers in the Alibaba Cloud platform. Thus, I have a good overview of the core Alibaba Cloud products.

One project I worked on was an internal tool for a customer, which consisted of a serverless application that on a daily basis synchronized the company calendar with other applications to get up-to-date information about upcoming events. This was done using Function Compute.

Another project consisted of designing and building the networking layer in Alibaba Cloud, including subnetting and connecting the on-premises datacenter with the Alibaba Cloud platform. Most used Alibaba Cloud services on this project were VPCs, vSwitches, NAT gateways, EIPs and CEN for creating the hybrid cloud.

Additionally, I have obtained three Alibaba Cloud certifications and have participated as a speaker talking about my experience with the Alibaba Cloud certifications.

Alibaba Cloud Spanish Community

Alibaba Cloud is the number one cloud provider in China and it is growing a lot outside of it becoming the third cloud provider worldwide in terms of market share. Alibaba Cloud is expanding very fast to other markets and more and more companies are getting interested in Alibaba Cloud. Due to the lack of documentation, blogs and training in Spanish about Alibaba Cloud, I have started working on it in the last months. Additionally, I have committed myself to grow the Spanish community within Alibaba Cloud organizing and participating in online and offline talks such as the Alibaba Cloud Latam and the Alibaba Cloud España Meetup group.

Wrapping Up

Being an Alibaba Cloud MVP is a reward for hard work and effort, and at the same time a responsibility. Being Alibaba Cloud MVP has many advantages, which include receiving exclusive training and technical sessions about Alibaba Cloud products and services, as well as exclusive information about new products. My mission as an MVP is to continue growing the Spanish community and to continue sharing all my knowledge about Alibaba Cloud.

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