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MaxCompute Wins Science and Technology Award of Zhejiang Province

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute has recently been awarded first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province for its contributions in the big data field.

By Jin Heng

The Science and Technology Award Conference in Zhejiang Province was officially held today. The Alibaba Cloud self-developed big data computing platform, MaxCompute, won first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province.


About Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute is one of the earliest self-developed big data computing platforms in China. Ten years ago, Dr. Wang Jian, founder of Alibaba Cloud, led the team to develop the platform. It is mainly used for large-scale data processing, and currently, it has EB-level data storage capability and 100 PB-level single-day computing capability.

With the rapid growth of enterprise data scale, data types become richer and more diverse, and the demand for big data computing increases. However, the cluster scale of open-source big data computing platforms, such as Hadoop and MapReduce, is limited. This results in reduced large-scale data processing efficiency and security.

MaxCompute has adopted a number of innovative technologies (such as innovative storage computing technology) in the execution engine, the big data language, and the data security, to effectively solve problems with computing efficiency. It stores different data sources in a similar way and uses a unified computation method to quickly compute different types of data.


Wang Jian, Chairman of Alibaba Technical Committee

Over the past decade, the product has set multiple world records: On August 15, 2013, it exceeded 5,000 servers in a single cluster for the first time. Currently, the scale of a single cluster has exceeded 10,000 servers. And in 2015 and 2016, it broke six world records at Sort Benchmark, the world computing Olympics. In 2017, MaxCompute completed the world's first public cloud-based 100 TB BigBench big data benchmark test.

Wang Jian, chairman of Alibaba Technical Committee, said: "MaxCompute has greatly lowered the threshold for enterprises to use big data, and the big data computing platforms of nearly half of the unicorn companies in China are based on MaxCompute to serve society and consumers."

Currently, MaxCompute service covers 16 countries and regions worldwide, and is widely used in finance, Internet, energy, transportation, government, and other industries.

For example, in the Zhejiang "At Most One Visit" project, more than 7 billion pieces of data on 100 issues that are most closely related to people's affairs are shared. This means that citizens should be able to handle their government affairs by visiting the relevant government department just once.

In the lifestyle field, applications such as MJWeather receive support to provide weather forecast services for 400 million users, with more than 500 million queries per day. In the field of industrial manufacturing, the product helps manufacturers to find the optimal combination of thousands of parameters to improve manufacturing output.

In "The Forrester WaveTM: CloudData Warehouse, Q4 2018" released by Forrester, three Alibaba Cloud products, including MaxCompute, DataWorks, and ADB, were selected, and beat Microsoft in terms of product functions.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud City Brain also won the first prize in the Zhejiang provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Awards. City Brain, originated in Hangzhou, is one of the first open AI innovation platforms in China, and the only open AI platform in the field of urban governance and service.

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