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Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute Now Available in Indonesia

Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud’s 18th data center region globally is the 12th region that supports MaxCompute, after Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing,.

On February 9, 2018, Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute will be officially available in Jakarta. By then, Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud’s 18th data center region globally, will be the 12th region that supports MaxCompute, after Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Sydney, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, Silicon Valley, Tokyo, and Mumbai. MaxCompute will not only accelerate the application of Big Data development frameworks in Indonesia, but also enhance Alibaba Cloud's ability to provide Big Data computing and AI engines for different regions around the world.


MaxCompute is a mass data processing platform developed by Alibaba Cloud, which offers distributed processing capabilities for TB- or PB-level data. Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute is widely applied to fields such as data analysis, data mining, and business intelligence. It is mainly used to store and compute mass structured data, and provides mass data warehouse solutions and big data analysis and modeling services. Alibaba Cloud's offline data businesses all run on MaxCompute.

MaxCompute uses a distributed architecture to process mass data efficiently and stores multiple copies of the data. Its table-based data storage frees you from concern about file storage formats, and its SQL-based data processing frees you from the details of distributed technology. It supports multi-user collaborative data analysis, multiple permission management methods, and flexible data access control policies. With MaxCompute, you can eliminate big data storage and computing bottlenecks, helping you focus on data analysis and mining to maximize data value.

MaxCompute is easy to use. The data analysis and mining tasks can be started after only a few steps without the need for building and maintaining clusters. MaxCompute also provides a multi-layer data storage and access security mechanism to protect your data. In addition, the billing is based on the actual storage and computing consumption, minimizing data utilization cost.

The Jakarta data center region is deployed with the latest MaxCompute 2.0, which provides higher computing performance based on the brand new SQL 2.0 computing engine. This version of MaxCompute supports non-structured data processing and programming APIs for parsing any data formats by associating external tables with external data sources. It also supports a wider range of language features to provide mass data computing support for AI and other trending fields.


Government agencies, telecommunications companies, and banks in Indonesia are accelerating the application of big data development frameworks to manage and utilize their complicated data assets. Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute will certainly help Indonesia, a nation with than 250 million people, speed up its big data construction and make full use of deposited data, maximizing data value for the nation.

For more information about MaxCompute, visit the official product webpage.

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Raja_KT February 13, 2019 at 5:29 am

Great going. The Big data space is catching up in Indonesia at least. I remember in one Meetup in KL, when Dough Cutting came and some eminent persons from the Country came. Malaysia is driving hard on Analytics. So Indonesia as a hub can prosper with some potential clients.

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