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Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute - Bringing Data to Life

MaxCompute, it stores 99% and handles 95% of Alibaba Group's storage and big data computing. Helping enterprises to turn valuable data into actionable insights, plans, and decisions.


The value of computing is not just to calculate, but to discover hidden trends in data. From the Mayan calendar to the circumference ratio. From Newton's law of universal gravitation to binary code, and even from creative ideas to concrete plans. Data is everywhere, and Alibaba Cloud's MaxCompute is a technological-driven product that uses supercomputing to bring that data to life.

Formerly known as ODPS, Alibaba Cloud's MaxCompute is Alibaba Cloud’s primary computing platform. From ODPS to MaxCompute, it stores 99% and handles 95% of Alibaba Group's storage and big data computing. Moreover, it has integrated such technologies as the public cloud and Apsara Stack. Through continuous technological innovation, MaxCompute’s computing capability never stops improving and has become a powerful engine for data transformation that spans all industries and sectors of society. Helping enterprises, large and small, to turn valuable data into actionable insights, plans, and decisions. MaxCompute has an excellent reputation for using its supercomputing for both social benefits and unparalleled business results.

Alibaba Cloud’s MaxCompute offers efficient and fully collocated PB level inventory solution. While MaxCompute might look complicated from the outside, in actuality it has penetrated every aspect of society. For example, it supports MaxCompute powers an array of services, applications, and businesses such as your local weather channel forecasting, healthcare systems, live streaming and even your daily transportation.

One market that shows MaxCompute’s true potential is the global bike sharing industry. In 2017, bike-sharing exploded onto the world's market, and today the number of bikes offered by bike-sharing companies like Ofo is skyrocketing. Offline, Ofo and others are using MaxCompute’s data processing power for bike scheduling, location data, and network stability and have witnessed a 50% increase in operational efficiency. Online, bike-sharing corporations can quickly deal with millions of daily requests, and those same companies overall operational productivity has increased by 76%. MaxCompute continues to offer more than four billion bike-sharing users from all over the world a ride on one of ten million bikes.

MaxCompute can also be used to enhance target advertising. In one example a weather App processed millions of weather updates and billions of requests for promotions. Businesses can rely on MaxCompute to handle this type of volume; in fact, overall business efficiency can be improved by more than five-times by using MaxCompute. Functions and stability can be improved, and operational costs are cut by 70 percent on average.

When it comes to the insurance industry, MaxCompute helps enterprises accurately analyze user profiles and offer hundreds of millions of users billions in insurance policies. While MaxCompute improves business efficiency, it also provides hundreds of millions of users with health and safety.

Apart from people's livelihood, MaxCompute provides computing capabilities to high-tech gene sequencing research laboratories. Traditional computing cannot compute such massive data stores. However, MaxCompute can finish this task within several hours. Furthermore, MaxCompute is economical while still leading the computing engine field of gene sequencing.

While only a big data computing engine, MaxCompute can bring significant social and business benefits. MaxCompute seeks not only to bring the value of computing to companies but to society at large. Because supporting each successful business or social benefit are computing capabilities like MaxCompute that will keep improving and innovating.

In 2017, MaxCompute has achieved several breakthrough technologies.

• MaxCompute has adapted TPC benchmark and increased data size to 100 Terabytes (TB). It has accomplished the benchmark testing of BigBench based on public cloud for the first time in the world, and its performance broke 8200 QPM. The computing power of MaxCompute is not only the leader in China but also the rest of the world.

• Regarding off-line computing, MaxCompute integrates Lightning Compute into interactive computing modes. Combining off-line data with real-time data, MaxCompute cut the average request response time to just milliseconds.

• The creation and development of AliOrc upgraded MaxCompute's architecture and computing power. It ultimately produced a highly available open platform that is self-adaptable which can analyze NewSQL databases, structured and unstructured data.

• To increase resource utilization, MaxCompute uses a separation architecture and a hybrid deployment of storage and computing. During 2017’s Double 11 Shopping Festival, the online peak data of E-commerce with a hybrid deployment was 6.5W deals/s (20% transactional data), and the peak data of Ant Financial with a hybrid deployment was 5W deals/s.

• Datahub architecture has been upgraded and successfully supports video and media. On November 11, 2017, DataHub hosted the data analysis, consumption, and delivery on the PB level. There was never a delay that lasted over two seconds. On Double 11 Shopping Festival, the technology was unveiled, signifying the first time data recovery was achieved across data centers with such consistent results. In case of a system breakdown, MaxCompute can reset in minutes and data is recovered instantaneously.

• To provide high-quality services of big data computing to the global market and clients, in 2017, MaxCompute accelerated its deployments around the world and already provides services for over ten regions across the globe. In the first half year of 2018, MaxCompute will provide services to India, Indonesia as well as other overseas countries.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute pioneers the goal of bringing cloud computing and big data to the business sectors. It is vital to realize the power of data and analytics in a business setting, and MaxCompute shows its full value. To learn more about MaxCompute, please visit our website for more information.

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Raja_KT February 13, 2019 at 6:56 am

Nice one. As a big data computing engine, I think it is good to highlight the h/w infra behind along with the architecture side.

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