Fintech Forward Meetup

The Next Frontier in Financial Services in Vietnam
22 March, 2023 (UTC+7) | 8:30AM - 12:00PM


Venue: Vuon Thao Dien, 34 Street No 11, Thao Dien, Thu Duc City.

The financial services industry in Vietnam is undergoing a transformation in the wake of the global economic crisis, with technology playing a central role in shaping its future. As traditional financial institutions face increasing competition from fintech startups and the country navigates the challenges of the post-crisis economy, the landscape of financial services in Vietnam is changing at an unprecedented pace.

To explore the latest trends and developments in fintech in Vietnam and how they impact the country's financial services industry, we are proud to announce “Fintech Forward: The Next Frontier in Financial Services in Vietnam." This half-day meetup will bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators from around the country to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the financial services industry in the post-crisis economy.

With a focus on helping financial services companies in Vietnam navigate the rapidly changing landscape of fintech, this event will provide a valuable platform for attendees to network, share ideas, and learn about the latest advancements in the field. Whether you're a fintech startup, a financial institution, or simply interested in the future of finance in Vietnam, "Fintech Forward: The Next Frontier in Financial Services in Vietnam" is an event you won't want to miss. Join us as we explore the latest trends and developments in fintech in Vietnam and discover how the financial services industry can thrive in this exciting and rapidly evolving market.




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Mr. Kenny Song

General Manager of Vietnam, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Kenny Song is a General Manager of Vietnam, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, a leading cloud platform in Asia and top three in the world. He leads the business of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence in Vietnam, heading a team and enabling cloud technology. Kenny brings years of experience in leading and growing technology businesses globally.

Mr. Haidong (Hankai) Gu

Regional Head of Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Hankai is a technical consultant, software consultant, developer, solution architect and technical project manager with social media, CRM and telecommunication software, also experienced with other functions like Database administration, Unix administration, customer trainer and pre-sales activities. He is certified in PMP, CISSP, CISA, SCEA, BEA Architect and many others.

Mr. Qiu Bo

Data Intelligence Architect Lead, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Qiu Bo is the lead data intelligence architect at Alibaba Cloud. He has 13 years of experience working on data driven solution to help business to achieve growth and better customer experience. Qiu Bo possess EMBA degree specialzed in marketing and master degree in statistics.

Mr. Đặng Minh Tâm

Solution Architect Lead of Vietnam, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Tam (Peter) Dang is a Solution Architect of Vietnam, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, he has years of cloud computing experiences, and supporting customers to use cloud computing for business success.

Mr. Phạm Chí Cường

Senior Product Manager , Ant Group

Cuong is the Senior Product Manager of Ant Group, providing high performance payment services for merchants in SEA. He is also known for building products at Sea Group from an early stage to market leader before joining Ant.

Mr. Ngo Viet Nhat

COO, Adflex

Nhat has 7 years of experience in Mobile User Acquisition & 5 years of experience in Fintech Performance Marketing.

Mr. Robert Tran

President of (ISC)² HCMC Chapter, EY Vietnam

Mr. Robert has more than 20 years of professional experience in information security. He has successfully led projects on information technology (IT) governance model and target operation, strategy and IT training for the board of directors, assessed the level of perfection of IT systems, established threat modeling, breach index assessment, vulnerability assessment, penetration resistance testing, data theft, business continuity management, corporate risk, compliance with privacy, monitor security, react to IT system breaches, and security with blockchain technology.

Ms. Lê (Amy) Ngọc Hồng Ánh

Business Development Director, Credify

With 14 years experiences of Sales & Marketing in both B2B and B2C markets in senior management roles of many big corporate (XLE Group, Language Link, Sovico Group…) Amy has gained high-level skills in BD, sales, marketing and running business, including planning, negotiation, presentation, influence, relationship building, team building, management and leverage available resources to create excellent results in the financial industries: education, media, entertainment, and technology. In addition, she holds many essential positions in social organizations and business associations such as JCI, YBA, CSMO, and VDCA...

Mr. Kabin Calan

International Security Compliance Lead (APAC), Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Kabin is an experienced consultant in the field of Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance. At Alibaba Cloud, his role is ensure the relevant laws and regulatory requirements are met; in order to provide its customers with a consistent, reliable, secure and compliant cloud computing services.

Mr. Lê Thanh Quý Ngọc

Chief Risk Officer, Orient Commercial Bank (OCB)

Senior banking executive focusing on risk management 

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ly

Vietnam Country Director, 2C2P

Mr. Lee is focusing on setting the stage for Digital Transformation in Vietnam

Mr. Hung Doan

Vietnam Marketing Lead, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Hung is a visionary leader in the technology field who believes in empowering everyone with technology. With years of experience in the industry, Hung is a true customer-first advocate who envisions making it easy to do business anywhere in the world. His passion is innovation and dedication to building a better future for all.

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