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Our training is every Tuesday at 2PM - 3PM (Ho Chi Minh time).
We will discuss about:

Elastic Computing

We will share you about ECS, Kubernetes, Simple Application Server, and various Elastic Computing solutions.

Cloud Security

Gain knowledge about Anti-DDoS from Alibaba Cloud, Web Application Server, Bastionhost, and many more!


Learn how our ApsaraDB technology will help you maximize your performance.


See how to maximize the usage of Virtual Private Cloud, Express Conenct, Global Accelerator, and other networking products .


Get a better understanding of how to deliver your data using our data analytics services.

...and many more!

you can also ask directly to our experts about our products and solutions to help your business grow!


Expert-led hands-on workshop

Get certified in Cloud Computing

Learn more about Internet Technology

Hear from top experts of Alibaba Cloud


Max Dasuki is a Solution Architect Lead at Alibaba Cloud, who is excited about the opportunities created when small and medium-size businesses embrace the cloud and goes digital. He has helped customers architect highly scalable and cost-effective solutions on the cloud platform.

Eric Purwoko spent his past 12 years working in the Information Technology industry. He has experience from enterprise solutions backgrounds such as ITSM, Service Assurance, Integration Platform and Identity Management. Recently focusing on cloud-based solutions.

Gin Zhu is Solution Architect from Alibaba Cloud Indonesia team. He currently focuses on security solution and is a certified trainer for cloud computing with ACE passed. He holds a Bachelor of Software Engineering from Zhejiang University.

Derek Meng is a seasoned training expert in Big Data and Machine Learning area with 10 years of database development experience as a big data architect. He currently leads the big data and machine learning course development for Alibaba Cloud International.

As an IT enthusiast with 14 years of experience in both manufacturing and telecommunication, Eggy specializes in enterprise solutions, including Software Developer, Data Warehouse, Business Productivity and IT Infrastructure. Recently focusing on cloud-based solutions.