Can I renew an expired domain name?

Domain names under an Alibaba Cloud account can be renewed at the normal price within 30 days (28 days for .hk domain names) after they expire.  For more information, see renew a domain name.

Failure to renew the domain upon expiry may cause the website to become inaccessible. Generally, the DNS service is disabled on the next day upon domain name expiry. In this situation, the domain name is redirected to a page displaying the reminder that the domain name has expired, and renewal is required.

If you renew the domain within 30 days (28 days for .hk domain names) after it expires, the DNS service will be restored within 24 hours after the renewal, provided that you are using Alibaba Cloud DNS. In case you use a third party DNS service provider, the time needed for DNS restoration depends on the time required for the DNS provider to refresh DNS cache, which generally takes 24-48 hours. Contact your DNS service provider for more information.

Why is the domain renewal price different from the initial price?

The price for domain renewal is subject to the online price at the time of renewal, which may be higher or lower than the initial purchase price.

Because your initial purchase may have been made during a promotional activity, or the domain name price has been reduced at the time of renewal. See renew a domain name.