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Automatic recovery FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018

1. What is the process of automatic recovery?

When the physical server on which your ECS instances are hosted crashes due to exceptions, we inform the ECS instances owner by sending an Email once the breakdown is irreversible and confirmed inevitably, and your ECS instances will be live migrated to another normal physical server.

After the automatic recovery completes, the owner will get another Email for notice. The metadata of your ECS instance, such as instance ID, private IP address, and public IP address, remain unchanged.

2. What happens to my ECS instances to which local disks or ephemeral disks are attached?

The instances that have local disks or ephemeral disks attached cannot be recovered automatically when the hosting physical servers crash. After the Email is sent, you can open a ticket immediately to confirm if the data on the local disks or ephemeral disks are retained and recovered.

3. How can I recover my applications as soon as possible after automatic recovery?

To fully leverage the capability of automatic recovery, make sure that you complete the following actions before the instance owner confirms the migration:

  • Add your applications, for example, SAP HANA, into the startup item list to avoid business interruption.
  • Activate the automatic reconnection feature of your applications. For example, enable your applications automatically to connect to MySQL, SQL Server, or Apache Tomcat.
  • For Server Load Balancer users, deploy multiple ECS instances with the aid of Server Load Balancer services. When one of your ECS instances is in the automatic recovery process, other ECS instances continue to provide access services.
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