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FAQ about shared images

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018

What is the maximum number of users a single image can be shared with?


Are shared images counted as my custom image quota?


Are there any restrictions on the regions where shared images are used to create instances?

Yes. Images sharing the same source must be located in the same region.

Can I delete a custom image that is shared with another user?


Note: If you delete a shared image, system disks cannot be re-initialized for ECS instances created using this shared image. Therefore, you must unshare the custom image from any other users before deleting it.

If I stop sharing a custom image (Image M) with other accounts, such as Account A, what may happen?

  • Account A cannot see the shared image M in the ECS console or by using ECS APIs.
  • Account A cannot use image M to create ECS instances or replace system disks.
  • If Account A has used image M to create an ECS instance before M is unshared, the system disk of the instance cannot be re-initialized.

What are the risks of using a shared image to create an instance?

The image owner can view the users who the image is shared with and delete the image. If the image owner deletes a shared image, system disks cannot be re-initialized for ECS instances created using this shared image.

Note: We do not guarantee the integrity and security of the images shared by other users. Use shared images at your own risk. Therefore, select images shared by a trusted user. When using a shared image to create ECS instances, connect to the ECS instance to check if the shared image is secure and complete.

What are the risks if I share my custom image with another user?

Data and software may leak. Before sharing an image with other users, make sure that the image does not contain any sensitive or important data or software. After a user obtains your shared image, the user can use this image to create an ECS instance, and then use the ECS instance to create more custom images. Data is continuously transmitted, causing leakage risks.

Someone is sharing a custom image with me. Can I share this image with other users?

No. Only image owners can share images with other users.

When I am sharing an image with another user, can I use it to create an instance?

Yes. If you share an image with another user, you can use the image to create ECS instances.