Why do we apply for ICP Filing?

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2017

According to the Regulation on Internet Information Service of the People’s Republic of China (Decree No. 292 of the State Council) by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), before the completion of ICP Filing procedures, a website cannot direct traffic to any server located in mainland China.

Two ICP certification levels are available:

ICP Filing

An ICP Filing, known in Chinese as ‘Bei’An’, is the first level of ICP certification. All applicants must apply for an ICP Filing regardless of whether their website is commercial or non-commercial in scope. After obtaining an ICP Filing, the licensee will be eligible to host their website on a China-based hosting server or CDN, but will not be able to integrate e-commerce features or online payments. As an ICP Filing does not permit the licensee to engage in direct online sales, the licensed website should only be used for informational purposes. An ICP Filing may take up to several months to process but Alibaba Cloud offers processing within 20 working days.

ICP Commercial License

An ICP Commercial License, known as ‘ICP Zheng’ in Chinese allows online platforms or third-party sellers of goods and services to deploy their website on a hosting server or CDN within mainland China. To apply for an ICP Commercial License, you must first obtain an ICP Filing. After obtaining both an ICP Filing and ICP Commercial License the licensee is eligible to launch a website with e-commerce and online payment integration on a server or CDN based in mainland China. An ICP Commercial License takes approximately 60 working days to process and Alibaba Cloud provides this service to customers.

Note: According to the latest requirement by 2016, after procuring the ICP Filing or ICP Commercial License, it is mandatory for you to submit an application to PSB (Public Security Bureau) for another filing within 30 days after you open up your website.

For more ICP business scenarios, go to ICP License Support to learn more or contact us for more details.

You can test if you need an ICP license and what kind of license you need in ICP License Support page.

For any problems in relation to obtaining an ICP license, go to Alibaba Cloud Forum for help.

You can submit an application in the filing system of the server provider for ICP Filing. If you use an Alibaba Cloud instances, you can log on to the Alibaba cloud ICP filing platform (only available in Chinese) to submit a filing application. For more information about the submission process, see Guide for ICP Filing.

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