Items of domain registration information

When registering a domain name, you must provide the relevant registrant, administrative, technical, billing, and DNS server information. These items are explained as follows.

  • Registrant: the owner of the domain name. It must be genuine and valid. 
  • Admin Contact: in general, the registrant designates a technician in the company as the administrative contact. It has the permission to modify most of the domain name information, including the domain name registrant’s address, zip code, phone and fax numbers, administrative contact, technical contact, billing contact, and DNS server.
  • Tech Contact: it has essentially the same permissions with the administrative contact. The ISP who provides the network server is the technical contact.
  • PBilling Contact: it is mainly responsible for the billing of the domain name.
  • DNS servers: they provide domain name resolution services for the registered domain names. At least two DNS servers are required to make sure that the DNS services are not interrupted. A DNS server must be a real and valid server in the Internet.

Modify domain registration information

According to the Provisions of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the “Domain Name Registration Agreement”,  Alibaba Cloud, as a domain name registrar,  is duty bound to send you an email to verify any change in your domain registration information.

You must modify  your domain name information as necessary.


  • Once you receive such emails, you must check the domain name information in time and make sure that the information is correct.

  • Otherwise, you may miss important notifications about the domain name and leave your domain name facing security issues.

According to the provisions of the “Domain Name Registration Agreement”, the provision of false or invalid registration information or failure to update the registration information may cause the domain name to be disabled.

See Modify domain name information.