A Vertica connection allows you to read data from and write data to Vertica by using Vertica Reader and Writer. You can configure sync nodes for Vertica by using the codeless user interface (UI) or code editor.


  1. In the Add Connection dialog box that appears, click Vertica in the Big Data Storage section.
  2. In the Add Vertica Connection dialog box that appears, set the parameters as required.
    Parameter Description
    Connection Name The name of the connection. The name can contain letters, digits, and underscores (_) and must start with a letter.
    Description The description of the connection. The description can be up to 80 characters in length.
    Environment The environment in which the connection is used. Valid values: Development and Production.
    Note This parameter is available only when the workspace is in the standard mode.
    JDBC URL The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) URL of the Vertica database, in the format jdbc:vertica://Server IP:Port/Database.
    Username The username for logging on to the database.
    Password The password for logging on to the database.

What to do next

Now you have learned how to configure a Vertica connection. You can proceed with the next tutorial to configure Vertica Reader and Writer. For more information, see Configure Vertica Reader and Configure Vertica Writer.