ApsaraVideo VOD allows you to accelerate content delivery by using Alibaba Cloud CDN. This topic describes the requirements for domain names that you want to add to ApsaraVideo VOD and related limits. Before you add a domain name to ApsaraVideo VOD, you must make sure that the domain name meets the relevant compliance requirements. This prevents losses caused by non-compliance.

Domain admission process

Domain name requirements
  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud official website. In the left-side navigation pane of the account center, click Real-name Registration. On the page that appears, complete real-name verification as prompted.
  2. Optional:Apply for an Internet content provider (ICP) filing if you set the acceleration region of your domain name to Global or Chinese Mainland. We recommend that you use the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system. Complete the preparations and checks described in Prepare and check the instance and access information before you apply for an ICP filing.
  3. Review the content saved on the origin server of the accelerated domain name. You can specify an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket or a bucket allocated to ApsaraVideo VOD as the origin server. If the content of your origin server is not stored on Alibaba Cloud, submit a request on Yida before you add the domain name to ApsaraVideo VOD.
  4. Add a CNAME record for your domain name at your DNS service provider. This ensures that your domain name is mapped to the CNAME that is generated in ApsaraVideo VOD. For more information, see Add a CNAME record in Alibaba Cloud DNS.
  • If your origin server is deployed on an ECS instance, we recommend that you reserve at least 20% of your overall workloads for the server.
  • Make sure that the security software settings of the origin server allow the cache nodes of ApsaraVideo VOD to access the origin server.
  • Make sure that all requests are redirected to the origin server if acceleration in ApsaraVideo VOD is stopped.
  • After a domain name is added to ApsaraVideo VOD, you cannot use the domain name to access resources in ApsaraVideo VOD until you add a CNAME record.

Content moderation

  • You are legally responsible for the content that is hosted on your accelerated domain name. ApsaraVideo VOD regularly reviews the content of accelerated domain names. If illicit content is detected from a domain name, ApsaraVideo VOD immediately disables or blocks the domain name. In serious cases, ApsaraVideo VOD may permanently block all domain names that belong to the Alibaba Cloud account.
  • If you add a wildcard domain name such as *.aliyundoc.com to ApsaraVideo VOD and a specific domain name that matches the wildcard domain such as example.aliyundoc.com contains illicit content, ApsaraVideo VOD disables the wildcard domain name *.aliyundoc.com.

All accelerated domain names that are added to ApsaraVideo VOD must be reviewed. The accelerated domain names that cannot be added to ApsaraVideo VOD include but are not limited to the following types:

  • Domain names that cannot be accessed or do not contain valid information
  • Domain names of websites that run on illegal private servers
  • Domain names of websites that provide multiplayer games and card games
  • Domain names of websites that provide unauthorized software downloads
  • Domain names of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending websites
  • Domain names of unofficial lottery websites
  • Domain names of unlicensed and pharmaceutical websites
  • Domain names of websites that contain illicit content, such as pornography, illegal drugs, and gambling

If the review request for your domain name is rejected, you can perform the following steps to check the reason: Log on to the ApsaraVideo VOD console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Configuration Management > CDN Configuration > Domain Names. On the page that appears, view the rejection reason. Then, you can modify the content and submit the domain name for review again.

Quantity limit

Domain nameYou can add a maximum of 20 domain names within each Alibaba Cloud account. If the average daily peak bandwidth of your domain names exceeds 50 Mbit/s, you can submit a request on Yida to increase the quota of domain names. Make sure that the quota increase does not incur business risks.
Origin serverBy default, you can specify up to 10 origin IP addresses for each accelerated domain name.
Cache refresh
  • URL refresh: 2,000 URLs per day for each Alibaba Cloud account
  • Directory refresh: 100 directories per day for each Alibaba Cloud account

Domain name reclaiming

ScenarioSystem actionWhat to do next
Your accelerated domain name has not been visited for more than 90 days, including the days on which the accelerated domain name is working as expected.ApsaraVideo VOD automatically disables the accelerated domain name but retains the records that are related to the domain name. Enable the accelerated domain name.
Your accelerated domain name is disabled for more than 120 days, including the days on which the domain name failed the review.ApsaraVideo VOD automatically deletes the records that are related to the accelerated domain name. Add the domain name to ApsaraVideo VOD again.