If your resource plan expires or your account has overdue payments, you cannot use ApsaraVideo VOD. We recommend that you renew your plan or top up your account at your earliest convenience. This topic describes how to top up your account and renew your subscription.

Top up your account

After you activate ApsaraVideo VOD, you are charged for using the features of ApsaraVideo VOD based on the pay-as-go basis billing method by default. If you purchase resource plans, your resource usage is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis after your resource plans expire or are exhausted. Make sure that your Alibaba Cloud account has sufficient balance to avoid service suspension due to overdue payments.

Renew a resource plan

You cannot renew resource plans in ApsaraVideo VOD. You can purchase a new resource plan before the current resource plan expires. Resource plans can be stacked to increase the usage limit. After you purchase a new resource plan, you can use ApsaraVideo VOD without further actions and your business remains uninterrupted. To purchase a resource plan, visit the buy page.

  • After you purchase a new resource plan, it automatically takes effect, but there is a certain delay before the plan takes effect.
  • You can configure quota alerts to prevent resource insufficiency after your resource plans are exhausted. For more information, see View the details of resource plans.

Renew the license of the short video SDK

You must request a new license after the license expires. For more information, see Obtain a license.