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Overview of common SDK classes

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

This section lists frequently used classes of the HiTSDB SDK according to the SDK package name. Click class name links for details and usage methods of important classes.

Package name: com.aliyun.hitsdb.client

Class name Description
HiTSDBConfig HiTSDB configuration class; all client options are configured in this class.
HiTSDBConfig.BuilderHiTSDBConfig’s builder class; HiTSDBConfig objects are produced by this class.
HiTSDBClientFactoryHiTSDB object’s engineering class; HiTSDB objects are produced by the HiTSDBConfig objects.
HiTSDBClientHiTSDB operation class; used to implement com.aliyun.hitsdb.client.HiTSDB interfaces. This class is thread-safe, and used to complete all HiTSDB operations. Typically, only one HiTSDB class object is required globally.
HiTSDBHiTSDBClient interface class

package name: com.aliyun.hitsdb.client.value.request

Class name Description
Point Point; represents data to be put into HiTSDB.
Point.MetricBuilderPoint building class; Point objects are built by this class.
Timeline class; the timeline of HiTSDB.
QueryQuery class
Query.BuilderQuery class and building class
SubQuery SubQuery class
SubQuery.BuilderSubQuery class and building class
FilterFilter query class
Filter.BuilderFilter class, Filter class’ building class.
MetricTimeRangeMetricTimeRange value
TTLValueTime to Live (TTL) value
SuggestValueSuggestValue value

Package name: com.aliyun.hitsdb.client.value.response

Class name Description
QueryResultQuery result class
Timeline class; the timeline of HiTSDB.
TagResult Tag query result
LastDPValue Last query result value

Package name: com.aliyun.hitsdb.client.value.type

Class name Description
Aggregator Aggregation calculation type
FilterType Filter type
Suggest Query result class

Package name: com.aliyun.hitsdb.client.callback

Class name Description
QueryCallback Query callback class
BatchPutCallback Put callback
BatchPutDetailsCallback Put callback class
BatchPutSummaryCallback Put callback class

Package name: com.aliyun.hitsdb.client.exception

Class name Description
BufferQueueFullException Full queue

Package name: com.aliyun.hitsdb.client.exception.http

Class name Description
HttpClientConnectionRefusedExceptionHiTSDB server refused connection
HttpClientException Client exception
HttpClientInitException Exception during client initialization
HttpClientSocketTimeoutException Client socket time-out
HttpServerErrorException Server returned 5xx-level error code
HttpServerNotSupportExceptionServer returned 4xx-level error code
HttpUnknowStatusExceptionServer returned undefined error code