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Simple Log Service:Log auditing for cloud services

Last Updated:Aug 29, 2023

Simple Log Service is an observability platform that you can use to audit the logs of multiple Alibaba Cloud services.

However, you can read data only from the Logstores in Log Audit Service. In addition, the log data of other cloud services cannot be written to the dedicated Logstore of a cloud service. You cannot write data to the Logstores or change the data in the Logstores. Log Audit Service allows you to collect and audit the logs of Alibaba Cloud services in real time across multiple accounts in an automatic and centralized manner. Log Audit Service provides the following benefits:

  • Centralized log collection

    • Log collection across accounts: You can collect logs from multiple Alibaba Cloud accounts to a project within one Alibaba Cloud account. You can configure multi-account collection in custom authentication mode or resource directory mode. The resource directory mode is recommended. For more information, see Configure multi-account collection.

    • Ease of use: You need to only configure collection policies once. Then, Log Audit Service collects logs in real time from Alibaba Cloud resources that belong to different accounts when new resources are detected. The new resources include newly created ApsaraDB RDS instances, SLB instances, and OSS buckets.

    • Centralized storage: Logs are collected and stored in the central project of a region. This way, you can query, analyze, and visualize the collected logs in a more efficient manner. You can also configure alerts for the logs and perform secondary development.

  • Comprehensive audit

    • Log Audit Service supports all features of Simple Log Service. For example, you can query, analyze, transform, visualize, and export logs, and configure alerts for logs. Log Audit Service also allows you to audit logs in a centralized manner.

    • You can use Log Audit Service together with Alibaba Cloud services, open source software, and third-party SOCs to create more value from data.

For more information, see Log Audit Service.