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Simple Log Service:Log auditing and monitoring

Last Updated:Aug 29, 2023

Simple Log Service provides the service log feature and integrates with CloudMonitor to help you monitor and audit your service data.

Service logs

The service log feature of Simple Log Service allows you to record operational events in a project into logs. This feature also provides dashboards that allow you to analyze data from multiple dimensions. You can use this feature to view the service status of Simple Log Service in real time and improve O&M efficiency.

When the service log feature is enabled for a project, the generated log data is classified and stored in one of the dedicated Logstores. By default, Simple Log Service automatically creates the following two dedicated Logstores:

  • internal-operation_log: stores operation logs. A log corresponds to an API request. By default, log data in the Logstore is retained for 30 days. The billing method for the Logstore is the same as regular Logstores.

  • internal-diagnostic_log: stores the consumption delay logs of consumer groups, Logtail heartbeat logs, and the operational logs of jobs. The logs are classified by topic. By default, log data in the Logstore is retained for 30 days. The Logstore is free of charge.

For more information, see Service logs.


You can use CloudMonitor to monitor the metrics of Simple Log Service. The metrics include write traffic, overall QPS, and service status. You can configure alert rules to monitor log collection and shard usage. You can also detect related exceptions.

For more information, see Use CloudMonitor.