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Simple Log Service:list_external_store

Last Updated:Oct 26, 2023

Queries a list of external data sources that are associated with Simple Log Service.

Command syntax

aliyunlog log list_external_store --project_name=<value> [--external_store_name_pattern=<value>] [--offset=<value>] [--size=<value>] [--access-id=<value>] [--access-key=<value>] [--sts-token=<value>] [--region-endpoint=<value>] [--client-name=<value>] [--jmes-filter=<value>] [--format-output=<value>] [--decode-output=<value>] [--profile=<value>]

Command parameters

The following table describes the required parameters of this command and the parameters that are specific to this command.










The name of the project.

For more information about the global parameters of this command, see Global parameters.

Command examples

Query a list of external data sources that are associated Simple Log Service. Set the project name to ali-test-project.

  • Command

    aliyunlog log list_external_store --project_name="ali-test-project" --format-output=json
  • Output

      "count": 4,
      "externalstores": [
      "total": 4


  • If the response that is returned by Log Service contains error information after you call an API operation, the call fails. You can handle errors based on the error codes that are returned when API calls fail. For more information, see Error codes.
  • Alibaba Cloud OpenAPI Explorer provides debugging capabilities, SDKs, examples, and related documents. You can use OpenAPI Explorer to debug Log Service API operations without the need to manually encapsulate or sign requests. For more information, visit OpenAPI Portal.
  • For more information about the API operation that corresponds to this command, see ListExternalStore.