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Simple Application Server:Overview of remote connection methods

Last Updated:Nov 29, 2023

This topic describes the methods that are used to connect to a simple application server, including Workbench, Virtual Network Console (VNC), and third-party client tools. You can choose a method to connect to your simple application server based on the operating system of your server, the operating system of your device, and the operations that you want to perform.

Connection methods

The following table describes the connection methods that are classified based on the operating systems of simple application servers.

Operating system of the simple application server

Connection method



Comparison of connection methods

The following table compares Workbench, VNC, and third-party client tools.




Third-party client tool

Enabling services such as SSH on the server


Optional. VNC can be used to troubleshoot SSH service exceptions, such as SSHD being disabled.


Logons by using the Simple Application Server console



Not supported. A client must be installed on your on-premises computer.

Supported server operating system

Linux and Windows servers.

Windows servers.

Depends on the client tool. Most third-party client tools can be used to connect to Linux or Windows servers.

Simultaneous logons by users of different operating systems to a single server


Not supported.

Depends on the client tool.

Ease of interaction

Workbench supports text copying and pasting.

VNC does support text copying and pasting. To copy or paste text, use the feature of copying long commands.

Depends on the client tool.

Visibility into Linux system file resources


Not supported.

Depends on the client tool.