This topic describes how to modify a time-based schedule in the Serverless Workflow console or by using Alibaba Cloud CLI.

Modify a time-based schedule in the Serverless Workflow console

  1. Log on to the Serverless Workflow console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Flows.
  3. On the Flows page, click the name of the flow.
  4. Click the Schedule tab.
  5. Click the name of the target time-based schedule.
  6. In the Update Schedule dialog box, set related parameters and click OK.
    For more information about how to set the parameters for a time-based schedule, see Create a time-based schedule.

Modify a time-based schedule by using Alibaba Cloud CLI

Before you use the Alibaba Cloud CLI, you must install and configure it. For more information, see Installation Guide and Configure Alibaba Cloud CLI.

  1. (Optional) Run the following command to view the request parameters of the API:
    $ aliyun fnf UpdateSchedule help
    Alibaba Cloud Command Line Interface Version 3.0.45
    Product: fnf (FunctionFlow)
      --FlowName       String  Required
      --ScheduleName   String  Required
      --CronExpression String  Optional
      --Description    String  Optional
      --Enable         Boolean Optional
      --Payload        String  Optional
      --RequestId      String  Optional
  2. Run the following command to modify a time-based schedule:
    $ aliyun fnf UpdateSchedule --FlowName test --ScheduleName schedule-test --Description "updated description" --Enable false
        "CreatedTime": "2020-05-22T09:22:03Z",
        "CronExpression": "@every 1m",
        "Description": "updated description",
        "Enable": false,
        "LastModifiedTime": "2020-05-22T09:28:27Z",
        "Payload": "{\"key\":\"value\"}",
        "RequestId": "77c017cf-f1a1-bd34-3894-23f0f5d26389",
        "ScheduleId": "978be20f-cceb-4677-935c-c2fe6fb4c571",
        "ScheduleName": "schedule-test"