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Security Center:Services that work with Security Center

Last Updated:Dec 08, 2023

This topic describes the Alibaba Cloud services that can be used with Security Center.

Log Service

Security Center integrates with Log Service to provide the log analysis feature. The log analysis feature collects server logs, network logs, and security logs. You can use the feature to accurately query and analyze logs in real time.

Before you use the log analysis feature of Security Center, make sure that you activate Log Service and specify the Log Analysis parameter on the Security Center buy page.


ActionTrail is a service that monitors and records the actions of your Alibaba Cloud account. The actions include your access to and use of cloud services by using the Alibaba Cloud Management Console, APIs, and SDKs. ActionTrail records these actions as events. You can download these events from the ActionTrail console or configure ActionTrail to deliver these events to Log Service Logstores or Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets. Then, you can perform operations, such as action analysis, security analysis, resource change tracking, and compliance audit based on the events. For more information, see What is ActionTrail?.

Security Center is integrated with ActionTrail.


Resource Access Management (RAM) is a service provided by Alibaba Cloud to manage user identities and resource access permissions. RAM allows you to create and manage multiple identities for an Alibaba Cloud account, and grant different permissions to a single identity or a group of identities. This way, you can authorize different identities to access different Alibaba Cloud resources. For more information, see What is RAM?.

Security Center is integrated with RAM.