You can log on to the web console of a Smart Access Gateway (SAG) device through its management port. In the web console, you can configure the SAG device. This topic describes how to modify the settings of the management port in the SAG console for an SAG device.


The type of the SAG device is SAG-1000.

Background information

  • The default CIDR block of the management port of an SAG-1000 device is and the default IP address is If you need to use a network cable to connect a local client to the management port of the SAG device, and then log on to the web console from the client, you must configure an IP address within on the client. For more information, see Web configurations for an SAG-1000 device. You can also follow the procedure in this topic to configure the management port.
  • Port 2 of an SAG device is the default management port. This port is exclusive and cannot be modified.
  • The exclusive management port supports only logons to the web console. This port cannot be used to forward data.


  1. Log on to the Smart Access Gateway console.
  2. Use one of the following methods to open the Device Management tab.
    • Click the ID of the target SAG instance. On the instance details page that appears, click the Device Management tab.
    • Find the target SAG instance and choose The More icon > Device Management in the Actions column.
  3. On the Device Management tab, click Manage Management Ports.
  4. In the Management Port Information section, click the Edit icon.
  5. In the Manage Management Ports dialog that appears, set the following parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Management Port IP Enter the IP address of the management port.
    MASK Enter the subnet mask of the IP address of the management port.
    Gateway Enter the IP address of the gateway.
    Note To access the web console across CIDR blocks, you must specify the gateway IP address.
  6. Click OK.