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Resource Management:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Jan 12, 2024
This product(ResourceDirectoryMaster/2022-04-19) OpenAPI adopts RPC Signature style. See signature details in Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our DingTalk service group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.


EnableResourceDirectoryEnableResourceDirectoryEnables a resource directory.
SendVerificationCodeForEnableRDSendVerificationCodeForEnableRDSends a verification code to the mobile phone number bound to a newly created account when you use the account to enable a resource directory.
GetResourceDirectoryGetResourceDirectoryQueries the information of a resource directory. If you use a management account to call this API operation, the system returns the information of the resource directory that is enabled by using the management account. If you use a member to call this operation, the system returns the information of the resource directory to which the member belongs.
DestroyResourceDirectoryDestroyResourceDirectoryDisables a resource directory. This operation cannot be undone. Therefore, proceed with caution.


CreateFolderCreateFolderCreates a folder.
GetFolderGetFolderQueries the information about a folder.
DeleteFolderDeleteFolderDeletes a folder.
ListFoldersForParentListFoldersForParentQueries the information of all subfolders of a folder.
UpdateFolderUpdateFolderChanges the name of a folder.
ListAncestorsListAncestorsQueries the information of all the parent folders of a specified folder.


CreateResourceAccountCreateResourceAccountCreates a member of the resource account type.
GetAccountGetAccountQueries the information of a member.
MoveAccountMoveAccountMoves a member from a folder to another.
UpdateAccountUpdateAccountChanges the display name of a member, or switches the type of a member.
ListAccountsListAccountsQueries all the members in a resource directory.
RemoveCloudAccountRemoveCloudAccountRemoves a member of the cloud account type.
ListAccountsForParentListAccountsForParentQueries the information of members in a folder.
GetPayerForAccountGetPayerForAccountQueries the information of a billing account.
InviteAccountToResourceDirectoryInviteAccountToResourceDirectoryInvites an account to join a resource directory.
AcceptHandshakeAcceptHandshakeAccepts an invitation.
GetHandshakeGetHandshakeQueries the information of an invitation.
DeclineHandshakeDeclineHandshakeRejects an invitation.
CancelHandshakeCancelHandshakeCancels an invitation.
ListHandshakesForAccountListHandshakesForAccountQueries the invitations that are associated with an account.
ListHandshakesForResourceDirectoryListHandshakesForResourceDirectoryQueries invitations in a resource directory.
SendVerificationCodeForBindSecureMobilePhoneSendVerificationCodeForBindSecureMobilePhoneSends a verification code to the mobile phone number that you want to bind to a member of the resource account type in a resource directory for security purposes.
BindSecureMobilePhoneBindSecureMobilePhoneBinds a mobile phone number to a member of the resource account type in a resource directory for security purposes.
SetMemberDeletionPermissionSetMemberDeletionPermissionEnables or disables the member deletion feature.
CheckAccountDeleteCheckAccountDeletePerforms a member deletion check.
GetAccountDeletionCheckResultGetAccountDeletionCheckResultQueries the result of a member deletion check.
DeleteAccountDeleteAccountDeletes a member of the resource account type.
GetAccountDeletionStatusGetAccountDeletionStatusQueries the deletion status of a member.
TagResourcesTagResourcesAdds tags to the members in a resource directory.
UntagResourcesUntagResourcesRemoves tags from the members in a resource directory.
ListTagResourcesListTagResourcesQueries the tags that are added to the members in a resource directory.
ListTagKeysListTagKeysQueries tag keys.
ListTagValuesListTagValuesQueries the tag values of a tag key.
ChangeAccountEmailChangeAccountEmailChanges the email address that is bound to a member.
RetryChangeAccountEmailRetryChangeAccountEmailResends a verification email for the email address change of a member.
CancelChangeAccountEmailCancelChangeAccountEmailCancels the email address change of a member.
AddMessageContactAddMessageContactAdds a contact.
SendEmailVerificationForMessageContactSendEmailVerificationForMessageContactSends verification information to the email address of a contact.
SendPhoneVerificationForMessageContactSendPhoneVerificationForMessageContactSends verification information to the mobile phone number of a contact.
ListMessageContactVerificationsListMessageContactVerificationsQueries the mobile phone number or email address to be verified for a contact.
AssociateMembersAssociateMembersBinds a contact to a resource directory, folder, or member.
DisassociateMembersDisassociateMembersUnbinds a contact from a resource directory, folder, or member.
GetMessageContactGetMessageContactQueries the information about a contact.
ListMessageContactsListMessageContactsQueries contacts.
DeleteMessageContactDeleteMessageContactDeletes a contact.
GetMessageContactDeletionStatusGetMessageContactDeletionStatusQueries the deletion status of a contact.
UpdateMessageContactUpdateMessageContactUpdates a contact.
CancelMessageContactUpdateCancelMessageContactUpdateCancels the update of the mobile phone number or email address of a contact.
PrecheckForConsolidatedBillingAccountPrecheckForConsolidatedBillingAccountChecks whether a management account or member can be used as a main financial account.

Access control policies

EnableControlPolicyEnableControlPolicyEnables the Control Policy feature.
DisableControlPolicyDisableControlPolicyDisables the Control Policy feature.
GetControlPolicyEnablementStatusGetControlPolicyEnablementStatusQueries the status of the Control Policy feature.
CreateControlPolicyCreateControlPolicyCreates a custom access control policy.
GetControlPolicyGetControlPolicyQueries the details of an access control policy.
ListControlPoliciesListControlPoliciesQueries access control policies.
UpdateControlPolicyUpdateControlPolicyUpdates a custom access control policy.
DeleteControlPolicyDeleteControlPolicyDeletes a custom access control policy.
AttachControlPolicyAttachControlPolicyAttaches an access control policy.
DetachControlPolicyDetachControlPolicyDetaches an access control policy.
ListControlPolicyAttachmentsForTargetListControlPolicyAttachmentsForTargetQueries the access control policies that are attached to a folder or member.
ListTargetAttachmentsForControlPolicyListTargetAttachmentsForControlPolicyQueries the objects to which an access control policy is attached.

Trusted services

ListTrustedServiceStatusListTrustedServiceStatusQueries the trusted services that are enabled within a management account or delegated administrator account.
RegisterDelegatedAdministratorRegisterDelegatedAdministratorSpecifies a member in a resource directory as a delegated administrator account of a trusted service.
DeregisterDelegatedAdministratorDeregisterDelegatedAdministratorRemoves a delegated administrator account for a trusted service.
ListDelegatedAdministratorsListDelegatedAdministratorsQueries delegated administrator accounts.
ListDelegatedServicesForAccountListDelegatedServicesForAccountQueries the trusted services for which a member is specified as a delegated administrator account.