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ApsaraDB for Redis:View performance metrics in real time

Last Updated:May 31, 2024

CloudDBA allows you to view the performance metrics of an ApsaraDB for Redis instance in real time. The performance metrics include memory usage, queries per second (QPS), network traffic, server information, key information, and connection information.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for Redis console and go to the Instances page. In the top navigation bar, select the region in which the instance that you want to manage resides. Then, find the instance and click the instance ID.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose CloudDBA > Real-time Performance.

  3. You can view the Global Real-time Node Performance and Real-time Performance tabs.

    • Global Real-time Node Performance

      This tab displays metrics such as the memory usage, QPS, network traffic, and keys of each node in the instance in real time.


      Only read/write splitting instances and cluster instances support this feature.

    • Real-time Performance

      • For a read/write splitting instance or cluster instance, you can select a specific node that you want to view.

      • To allow you to view performance changes in real time, the system refreshes the metrics every 5 seconds. The available refreshes are displayed in the upper-right corner. To stop refreshing the performance metrics, you can click Pause.

      In the upper part of the page, the performance metrics of the instance are displayed in real time, including the server information, key information, memory information, and connection information.


      The Real-time Charts and Real-time Tables tabs display the detailed performance metrics.



      Real-time Charts

      Displays the real-time performance metrics of the instance in curve charts, such as the key information, key hit information, key hit ratio, memory information, QPS, and network traffic.


      Real-time Tables

      Displays the performance metrics of the instance in a table, such as the key hit information, key hit ratio, QPS, memory information, CPU utilization, network traffic, client information, and connection information. The table can display up to 999 records. A new record is added to the table every 5 seconds.