The performance monitoring feature of ApsaraDB for Redis is upgraded. The layout of performance metrics is adjusted and this feature responds faster than before.

Upgrade date

April 9, 2021

Upgraded feature

  • Metrics are optimized.
    • New metric: Memory Usage of Lua Scripts.
    • Discontinued metric: Maximum Latency.
  • Upgraded interactive interface: Multiple interaction features are supported to help you obtain the information that you require.
    • On the right side of View, you can select the number of trend charts displayed per row. Up to three trend charts can be displayed per row.
    • To display the trend chart of a specific metric group, click the name of the metric group on the right side of the page.
    • To view the description of a metric, move the pointer over the Info icon icon in the upper-left corner of the trend chart.
    • A metric contains multiple subordinate metrics. In this following example, Key Statistics is used. If you move the pointer over the trend chart, the values of subordinate metrics at a point in time are displayed.
    • If you click the name of a performance metric below the trend chart, the performance metric is not displayed in the trend chart. To reset the metric, click the name again.
  • Discontinued the feature of changing the data collection interval: By default, metrics are collected at intervals of seconds. You no longer need to specify the data collection interval.
  • Discontinued the feature of displaying only specified metrics: By default, all monitoring groups are displayed. You no longer need to select metric groups.

To use the monitoring feature, log on to the ApsaraDB for Redis console. For more information about metrics, see View monitoring data.