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ApsaraDB RDS:Upgrade an ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL instance from RDS Basic Edition to RDS High-availability Edition

Last Updated:Mar 07, 2024

This topic describes how to upgrade an ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL instance from RDS Basic Edition to RDS High-availability Edition to improve reliability.


The RDS instance meets the following requirements:

  • The RDS instance runs PostgreSQL 10 or later.

  • The RDS instance runs RDS Basic Edition.


    You can log on to the ApsaraDB RDS console and go to the Basic Information page of your RDS instance to view the RDS edition of your RDS instance.

Background information

High-availability Edition is a widely used edition. RDS instances of this edition are deployed in a primary/secondary architecture to deliver highly available services. This edition is suitable for more than 80% of use cases in various industries, such as Internet, IoT, online retail, logistics, and gaming.

For more information, see RDS High-availability Edition.


For more information about the upgrade fees, see Specification changes.


  • The upgrade can trigger a data migration, which may require a few minutes. After the migration is complete, a switchover of your workloads is triggered at the switching time that you specify. During the switchover, a transient connection that lasts approximately 30 seconds occurs. Make sure that your application is configured to automatically reconnect to your RDS instance.

  • After the upgrade is complete, you cannot downgrade the RDS edition of your RDS instance to RDS Basic Edition.


  1. Go to the Instances page. In the top navigation bar, select the region in which the RDS instance resides. Then, find the RDS instance and click the ID of the instance.
  2. In the Configure Information section of the Basic Information page, click Change Specifications.

  3. In the dialog box that appears, select Update and click Next step. This step is required only for subscription RDS instances.

  4. Configure the following parameters.




    Select High-availability Edition.

    Storage Type

    Select the storage type. For more information, see Storage types.

    Instance Type

    Select an instance type. Each instance type supports a specified number of cores, memory capacity, maximum number of connections, and maximum IOPS. For more information, see Primary ApsaraDB RDS instance types.

    Storage Capacity

    Specify the storage capacity of your RDS instance. The storage capacity can only be increased but cannot be decreased.

    Switching Time

    Specify the time to perform the workload switchover. Valid values:

    • Execute Immediately

    • Switch Within Maintenance Window

  5. Read and select Terms of Service, click Pay Now, and then complete the payment.

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