Each Alibaba Cloud account has a default domain name. Resource Access Management (RAM) users can use this default domain name as the suffix of their logon name to log on to the Alibaba Cloud Management Console. This topic describes how to view and modify the default domain name.


  1. Log on to the RAM console by using your Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Identities > Settings.
  3. On the page that appears, click the Advanced tab to view and modify the default domain name in the Default Domain section.
    • View the information about the default domain name. The information includes the domain name, status, and the time when the default domain name was created. The default domain name is in the <AccountAlias>.onaliyun.com format. <AccountAlias> indicates the account alias. The default value of AccountAlias is the ID of your Alibaba Cloud account. In this case, the default domain name is <AccountID>.onaliyun.com.
    • Modify the default domain name. To modify the default domain name, click Edit. In the Edit default domain panel, specify an account alias and click OK.

What to do next

The RAM users of your Alibaba Cloud account can use the default domain name to log on to the RAM console. To log on to the RAM console, specify the logon name in the format of <UserName>@<AccountAlias>.onaliyun.com. For more information, see Log on to the console as a RAM user.

You can use the default domain name to simplify the procedure of configuring SAML-based single sign-on (SSO). For more information, see Configure the SAML settings of Alibaba Cloud for user-based SSO.