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Quota Center:Add a quota to a quota template

Last Updated:May 29, 2023

After you add a quota to a quota template, the quota template is enabled by default. If the management account adds a member to the resource directory, the quota template automatically submits a quota increase request for the member. The quota values for existing members remain unchanged. You can use a quota template to increase the values of multiple quotas at a time. Quota templates help you improve the efficiency and automation of quota management across your organization.


  • A resource directory is enabled. For more information, see Enable a resource directory.

  • You must log on to the Quota Center console by using the management account of the resource directory or by using a RAM user that has the AliyunQuotasFullAccess permissions within the management account. For more information, see Authorize a RAM User.

  • The quota template feature is enabled. For more information, see Enable the quota template feature.


  1. Log on to the Quota Center console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Products > General Quotas.

  3. On the Products with General Quotas page, click the information card of a cloud service. For example, click the Elastic Compute Service card.

  4. On the General Quotas page, select a region of the cloud service.

  5. Find the quota whose value you want to increase, and click Create Quota Template in the Actions column.

  6. In the Create Quota Template dialog box, configure the Applied Quotas and Notify Result parameters.

  7. Click OK.