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Object Storage Service:Refund resource plans

Last Updated:Aug 25, 2023

This topic describes the refund notes and refund conditions.

Refund notes

  • If you select the pay-as-you-go billing method for your resource usage, you cannot request a refund. If you no longer need to use Object Storage Service (OSS), you can release OSS resources based on your business requirements. After you release OSS resources, you are no longer charged fees. For more information, see How do I deactivate OSS or stop OSS charging my resources?

  • A refund for the resource plan does not affect the data stored in OSS. After you receive the refund of the resource plan, if no resource plan is available for the current Alibaba Cloud account, you are charged based on the pay-as-you-go billing method.

Refund conditions

You can submit a ticket to cancel a resource plan.

Make sure that the resource plan that you want to cancel meets the following conditions:

  • The resource plan is not used.

  • The resource plan is purchased within five days.

  • The resource plan is not purchased by upgrade or renewal.