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Object Storage Service:Before you begin

Last Updated:Jun 06, 2024

When you register for Alibaba Cloud, you automatically sign up for all Alibaba Cloud products and services, including Object Storage Service (OSS). You will only be charged for the services you use.

Follow the steps in the subsequent sections to get prepared for using Alibaba Cloud OSS.

Step 1: Create an Alibaba Cloud account

If you do not yet have an Alibaba Cloud account, visit the signup page and complete the registration process as directed.

The registration process includes an email or mobile phone verification step, during which you will receive an email or short message and be asked to enter a verification code.

After you perform the preceding steps, an Alibaba Cloud account is created. Before you purchase Alibaba Cloud products and services, you must also enter your billing information and payment information. For more information, see Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Payment. If you need to purchase an Alibaba Cloud service in a region in the Chinese mainland, you must complete real-name verification for your Alibaba Cloud account.

The user signed in with an Alibaba Cloud account has full access to all Alibaba Cloud services and resources in the account. For enhanced security, we recommend that you assign administrative access to a Resource Access Management (RAM) user and do not use the Alibaba Cloud account for regular tasks.

Step 2: Secure the Alibaba Cloud account

Secure your Alibaba Cloud account by turning on the account protection. For more information, see Enable the account protection feature.

Step 3: Create a RAM user with administrative access

Create an administrative user to handle day-to-day operations instead of using the Alibaba Cloud account for regular tasks. For more information, see Create an account administrator.

Step 4: Grant access to additional users

Create more RAM users, add them to groups and grant them access to OSS resources. When you grant permissions to RAM user groups, we recommend that you grant only the required permissions based on the principle of least privilege. For more information, see Create a RAM user group and grant permissions to the group.

After completing these steps, you can start to use OSS. For more information, see Get started with OSS.