This topic is written based on Object Storage Service (OSS) SDK for Android 2.9.13.

Note OSS does not support the Flutter SDK.

Version description

Before you download OSS SDK for Android, select a version based on your business requirements. OSS manages download links for the source code of OSS SDK for Android by using a Maven repository and provides the source code on GitHub for your reference.

MVNRepositoryThe path where you can download the source code of OSS SDK for Android. You can obtain the version of dependencies to be injected into OSS SDK for Android for your Gradle project from the Maven repository.
Note We recommend that you obtain the latest version of OSS SDK for Android for debugging to prevent errors.
For more information, see Alibaba Cloud OSS SDK for Android.
GitHubGitHub provides the source code of OSS SDKs and records tag information about the releases of the SDKs. You can view the source code and sample code that you can use in various scenarios on GitHub. For more information, see Alibaba Cloud OSS SDK Releases for Android.


OSS SDK for Android is backward compatible.

Source code

For more information about the source code of OSS SDK for Android, visit GitHub.

Sample code

OSS SDK for Android provides various sample code files for your reference or use.

The following table lists the sample code files provided by OSS SDK for Android.

Sample code fileContent
OSSPutObjectTest.javaSimple upload, Append upload, Upload callbacks, Delete multiple objects at a time, and Progress bar
MultipartUploadTest.javaMultipart upload
ResumableUploadTest.javaResumable upload
ManageObjectTest.javaDetermine whether an object exists, Query the ACL of an object, Copy an object, List objects, Delete a single object, Specify Content-Type for an object, and Query object metadata
RestoreObjectTest.javaRestore an Archive object
SymlinkTest.javaManage symbolic links
CRC64Test.javaData security
OSSAuthenticationTest.javaSign a URL and Authorize access