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Microservices Engine:Fixed rate

Last Updated:Jan 22, 2024

The interval specified by a cron expression must be a multiple of 60. If you want to trigger a job at an interval of 40 minutes, you cannot use cron expressions. To resolve this problem, you can use fixed-rate scheduling. Fixed-rate scheduling is suitable for round-robin scheduling and fixed-rate expressions are simple. However, you cannot use fixed-rate scheduling to trigger a job at a second granularity.

Examples of fixed-rate jobs

You can configure fixed-rate scheduling when you create a job. For more information about how to create a job, see Create a job. This topic describes how to configure fixed-rate scheduling when you create a job.

  1. Go to the Timing configuration wizard page. For more information, see Create a job.
  2. On the Timing configuration wizard page of the Create task wizard, configure the scheduling parameters and click Next Step.
    1. Select fixed_rate from the Time type drop-down list.
    2. Specify a value for the Fixed frequency parameter.
      Note The value must be greater than 60. Unit: seconds.