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ApsaraDB for MongoDB:Backup and restoration

Last Updated:Sep 19, 2023

ApsaraDB for MongoDB can automatically create backups to ensure data integrity and reliability.


For data integrity and reliability purposes, databases require regular automatic backups to ensure that the data in the databases can be restored in the event of exceptions.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides the following backup methods:

  • Snapshot-based backup: The state of disk data at a specific point in time is retained. This method allows data in a database to be restored within minutes.

  • Physical backup: Physical database files of an ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance are backed up. This method provides faster backup and restoration compared with logical backup.

  • Logical backup: The mongodump tool is used to store operation records of databases in a logical backup file. This method restores data in the form of playback commands during restoration.


Data restorability is essential to ensure the reliability of database O&M.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides the following restoration methods:


The backup and restoration methods that are supported vary based on the configurations of your ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance. For more information about the backup and restoration methods that are supported by ApsaraDB for MongoDB instances, see the following topics: