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Manage booths

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2021

You can view all the booths, booth details, and the application of the booths in the current App, modify and delete the booths.

Booth list

Information about all created booths is displayed in the Booth list. You can search for the target booth, view and modify the booth information.

Booths in the booth list are sorted in descending order by Update time. The information displayed in the list includes:

  • Booth name
  • Booth ID
  • Type
  • Material type
  • Creation time
  • Update time: Refers to the modification of booth information or the change of booth status.
  • Status: The application status of the booth, including Not in use, In use, and To be used (The “to be used” status may occur when the activity has not yet been activated or has been deactivated). The three statuses are defined as follows:
    • Not in use: Indicates that the booth is not called by any activity at present. In this status, the booth can be edited and deleted.
    • In use: Indicates that the booth is being called by an activity and the activity has been activated or not yet been activated. For the description of the activity status, see View activity list. In this status, the booth cannot be edited or deleted.
    • To be used: Indicates that the booth was called by an activity, but the activity has gone offline. In this status, the booth can be edited but not deleted.
      Note: When the activity launches and has been activated, the associated booth resources are called to display the advertising materials of the activity. For how to associate booths in an activity, see Create an activity > Add a booth for delivery.
    • Operation: With the Operation column, you can view booth details, edit booths, and delete booths.

Search for booths

You can search for the target booth in the booth list according to the type, material type, name, or ID keyword of the booth. The procedures are as follows:

  1. In the search box at the upper-right of the list, select booth type, booth material type, or enter the booth name/ID keyword.
  2. Click Search to search for all the eligible booths in the list.

View booth details

The booth list provides part of the information about the booths. For more information, please go to the Booth details page to view. The procedure is as follows:

In the booth list, click Details in the Operation column of the target booth and enter the Booth details page to view the details of the booth.

The information displayed on the Booth details page consists of two categories: Basic information and Booth information.

  • Basic information includes:
    • Booth name
    • Booth ID: Includes booth ID and ID type, where Custom means the ID is a Custom ID; Client preset means the ID is a Client Preset ID.
    • Booth page address: This information is only available for dynamic booths. To obtain the page address information for preset booths, please contact the App developer.
  • Booth information includes:
    • Booth type
    • Booth material type
    • Booth position: When it is a preset booth, if the booth position has been specified in the client configuration, the information configured on the client shall prevail and you need to contact the App developer to get the actual position of the booth.
    • Amount of advertisement spaces
    • Booth preview
    • Others: Different types of booths have different booth properties and the different booth information is displayed on the page. For example, bulletin booths have the Style property while banner booths have the Carousel time of a single message property.

Edit a booth

You can edit the booth information. The procedures are as follows:

Note: Booths in In use status cannot be edited.
  1. In the booth list, click Edit in the Operation column of the target booth to enter the Modify booth page.
  2. To modify booth information, please refer to About the booth for parameter descriptions.
    Booth ID type and booth ID cannot be modified.
    If the booth type is modified, the advertising spaces will automatically be changed to 1 and you need to reconfigure the amount of advertisement spaces.

Delete a booth

You can delete the booth in the booth list. The procedures are as follows:

Note: Booths in In use and To be used status cannot be deleted.
  1. In the booth list, click Delete in the Operation column of the target booth.
  2. In the pop-up window, click OK.

Booth application overview

Click Booth App overview to enter the Booth App overview page. This page displays the application of the booth, i.e., information about the activities calling the booth.

The Booth App overview page is divided into the following three areas:

  • Search area: Provides search criteria for you to search for booths. For more operation details, see Search booth.
  • Booth list: Displays the names of all created booths. Click the booth name to select the booth. The “In use” label in the upper left corner of the booth name indicates that the booth is associated with a activity and the associated activity has not gone offline.
  • App overview: Displays basic information about the selected booth, as well as the activities associated with the booth on the currently selected date.

Search for booths

Booth overview In the search area at the top of the page, three search conditions are provided as follows for you to search for the target booth:

  • Time: Select the time interval to filter the booths called by the activity during the selected time interval. The current date is selected by default, and the time is from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.
  • Activity unit: Select the activity unit to filter the booths called by the selected activity unit. You can select one of the created activity units/all activity units.
  • Booth: Enter the booth name or booth ID keyword to filter the booths whose names or IDs contain the keyword.

The preceding search criteria can be used in combination. In the Booth list, the background color of the booths that match the search criteria is blue, as shown in the following image.

View booth application overview

The procedures are as follows:

  1. Click the booth name in the Booth list and select the target booth.
    Only one booth can be selected at a time, and the selected booth will have a check mark displayed on the right of its name, as shown in the following image.
  2. View the query results in the Activity list.
    The Activity list shows information about the activities that called the currently selected booth during the selected date/month.