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kylin introduction

Last Updated: May 24, 2022

Kylin is a wireless front-end solution for mPaaS HTML5 containers, with various advantages such as efficient runtime, consistent development experience, rich R&D support, and perfect UI components. It addresses a series of issues in mobile Hybrid development such as front-end packaging, browser compatibility, and API mocking.

Kylin only provides a view-layer framework based on Vue.js 2.0 for efficient DOM updates with minimal JS loading overhead. Before using Kylin, read and understand the Vue.js documentation.

As a wireless front-end solution, Kylin assures compatibility only with the Safari, UC Webview, and Google Chrome browsers.


mPaaS has provided updated and more stable Mini program components as the main maintenance and development direction in the future, and stopped the maintenance of Kylin. Compared with the Kylin solution, the Mini program component has higher ease of use and stability, and can adapt to a variety of scenarios. Therefore, it is recommended that new users access the Mini program, and users who have already connected to the Kylin framework are advised to switch to the Mini program component when they encounter new function requirements. For more details, see Mini program.