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Mobile Platform as a Service:About Mobile Delivery Service

Last Updated:Feb 13, 2023

Mobile Delivery Service (MDS for short) is one of the core basic service components of the mPaaS platform. It provides management and release services for version upgrade packages, hotpatch packages, and H5 offline packages, and supports configurations management, whitelists, release rules and other management functions.

Mobile Delivery Service serves to manage and release the version upgrade and hotpatch packages. After you integrate Mobile Delivery Service on your client, you can generate a new package in mPaaS plugin and release the new package on the Mobile Delivery Service console, then the client receives the package and starts upgrade. Mobile Delivery Service also supports implementing gray release by means of whitelist. You can use advanced filtering rule to make the gray release more accurate, e.g. specifying a device type.




Gray release

Before formal release, launch a small-scale release (for example: only released to internal staff) by means of whitelist to validate if the new package's functions meet the expectation; or implement time-window gray release to release the package to a specified number of users in a specified time period. If it all works, the package can be pushed network-wide.

Advanced filter

When you perform gray release, you can utilize the advanced filtering rule to define a more accurate whitelist. For example, only send the package to the users of MI phones. Multiple filtering rules can be superposed, that means only when all filtering rules are matched can the package be pushed.

Realtime rollback

Only available in Hotpatch. During formal release, problems may arise despite of gray release. At that moment, execute real-time rollback to revert the package to previous version.

Custom signature verification

To ensure security, hotpatch has a custom signature verification flow to ensure the correctness of script source. mPaaS plugin provides the function of generating hotpatch resource packages and signing the packages.


  • Delivery management of multiple products, tasks, and dimensions

    Multiple apps are supported for delivery management. It further provides features such as official release, hotpatch, offline packages, and real-time push.

    For more information about using the hotpatch feature, please search for the group number 41708565 with DingTalk to join DingTalk group for further communication.

  • Intelligent grey release, and three upgrade modes available

    Internal grey release, external grey release, release targeted at specified population, regions, phone types, and networks are available.

  • Push upgraded capabilities of offline packages only

    It helps reduce data redundancy and bandwidth occupied by devices. It plays a pivotal role when the network on the mobile devices is unstable.

  • High sensitivity and high availability

    The client-side RPC interface capability is upgraded, with an availability rate up to 99.95%. The target devices can be reached within several minutes.

  • High performance system

    The reach rate is up to 99.95%, and the daily UV exceeding 0.2 billion can be supported.