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Mobile Platform as a Service:About Mobile Analysis Service

Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021

The Mobile Analysis Service (MAS) component collects and analyzes the data from client traffic, performance, and user behavior. By using the data that the MAS component provides, you can make informed decisions on products, operations, and promotion campaigns. For example, by reading the crash report that the MAS component provides, you can quickly identify the cause of the crash so that you can improve your system stability.


Introduction to each component:

  • MDAP: Log collection gateway, responsible for collecting client’s event logs and transmitting the collected logs to JStorm cluster for computing.
  • JStorm: Real-time computing engine, performing real-time parsing on logs according to processing rule and storing the required data in database.
  • SSDB: KV (key/value) data storage layer with LevelDB at bottom layer, with single-table data reaching billions of records.
  • ZooKeeper: Implementing cluster management and inter-component service discovery.



  • Easy access: Automatically collecting user behavior logs, network logs, and exception logs.
  • Comprehensive analysis: Conducting analysis, for example, on user behavior, terminal, traffic, communication links, performance.
  • Multi-dimensional display: Displaying mobile analytics from multiple dimensions such as terminal type, terminal version, region, network types, and models.
  • Fast problem determination: Providing the crash report and log that shows the name of interface with error, cause of exception, running environment to help you determine the cause of the problem.


  • User behavior analysis: Providing application usage analysis, including the statistics on active users, user login, new users and other indicators, and support multi-dimensional analysis of and comparison between platforms, versions, regions and time periods, helping you understand your App quickly and conveniently.
  • Stability analysis: Providing application stability analysis, including crash monitoring, exception monitoring, performance monitoring and user diagnosis, helping App developers to timely find problems and locate the causes.
  • Problem diagnosis: Providing application problem diagnosis, including individual user diagnosis and diagnostic log collection. Individual user diagnosis refers to obtaining users’ client-side behavior in real time; diagnostic log collection works by pushing commands to client to request the client to return local logs.


  • Guide business based on data: Helping development and operations staff make decisions on products, operations and promotion plans based on mobile analytics.
  • Improve user experience: Fast determining the location of crash and applying hotpatch to fix the crash rapidly, thus improving user experience and enhancing retention rate.