Drops an existing materialized view.


drop materialized view [if exists] [<project_name>.]<mv_name>;


  • if exists: optional. If you do not specify if exists and the materialized view that you want to drop does not exist, an error is returned.
  • project_name: optional. The name of the MaxCompute project to which the materialized view belongs. If you do not configure this parameter, the current MaxCompute project is used. Log on to the MaxCompute console. In the top navigation bar, select a region and view the name of the MaxCompute project on the Project management tab.
  • mv_name: required. The name of the materialized view that you want to drop.


drop materialized view mv;

Related statements

  • CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW: Creates a materialized view that supports clustering and partitioning based on the data for materialized view scenarios.
  • ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW: Updates a materialized view, changes the lifecycle of an existing materialized view, enables or disables the lifecycle feature for a materialized view, or drops partitions from an existing materialized view.
  • DESC TABLE/VIEW: Views the information about materialized views in a MaxCompute project.
  • SELECT MATERIALIZED VIEW: Queries the status of a materialized view.