The search engine service provided by Lindorm is an online search service that allows you to query large amounts of data. The search engine service is called LindormSearch. LindormSearch allows you to perform efficient index-based read operations and write operations. LindormSearch also allows you to elastically scale resources and store data at low costs. LindormSearch is widely used in scenarios such as website searches, order queries, log analysis, and application performance management (APM).


  • Cost-effectiveness

    LindormSearch supports a variety of efficient compression algorithms to reduce index storage costs. In addition, LindormSearch can separate hot data from cold data. This allows you to dump historical data to lower-cost storage media.

  • Cloud native architecture that supports resource scaling

    LindormSearch is developed based on a cloud native architecture in which storage is decoupled from computing. This architecture allows you to elastically increase the number of LindormSearch nodes to efficiently process workloads during peak hours.

  • High availability

    LindormSearch is built based on a distributed high-availability architecture. This prevents single points of failure from occurring in a cluster of LindormSearch nodes. LindormSearch also intelligently identifies abnormal traffic and isolates abnormal traffic from normal traffic to ensure system stability.

  • Diverse ecosystems

    LindormSearch supports standard SQL statements.

Common scenarios

  • Query data based on multiple fields

    In logistics scenarios, large amounts of data about order tracking information is stored. To query information about an order, you can specify query conditions based on multiple fields.

  • Query data based on geographical locations

    In traffic monitoring scenarios, a large number of traffic records are stored. To query information about a vehicle, you can specify query conditions based on information such as the license plate number and locations.

  • Query data based on specific text

    In commodity information query scenarios, large amounts of text data about commodities is stored. To query information about specific commodities, you can specify a text phrase as the query condition.

Activate LindormSearch

For information about how to activate LindormSearch, see Activate LindormSearch.

How to use LindormSearch

LindormSearch supports standard SQL statements and Web-based query operations. For more information, see Manage collections.