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IoT Platform:Use X.509 certificates to verify devices

Last Updated:Oct 22, 2023

An X.509 certificate is a digital certificate that is used to verify a communication entity. IoT Platform allows you to use X.509 certificates to verify devices.


Only gateways of Exclusive Enterprise Edition instances support X.509 certificate-based device verification.


  1. When you create a gateway, set the Enable X.509 certificate-based Device Verification parameter to Yes. For more information, see Create an MQTT gateway, Create a GB/T 32960 cloud gateway, and Create a JT/T 808 cloud gateway.

  2. Burn an X.509 certificate and the key to the devices attached to the gateway.

    For more information about the code that you must configure on a device to connect the device to IoT Platform by using a Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) gateway, see source files in the aiot-java-dual-auth-demo code package.


For more information, see Connect an MQTT gateway device by using X.509 certificate-based two-way verification.