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Realtime Compute for Apache Flink:Refund policy

Last Updated:Aug 31, 2023

You are charged for pay-as-you-go workspaces only after you use the workspaces. Therefore, refunds are not supported for pay-as-you-go workspaces. If you purchase a subscription workspace in advance based on the subscription duration but you no longer require the subscription workspace, you can apply for a refund. This topic describes the refund rules and the refund operation for subscription workspaces.

Refund rules

For more information about refund rules, see Rules for unsubscribing from resources, Refund flow, and FAQ about unsubscribing from cloud resources on the international site.

Refund operation

After you understand the refund rules, you can apply for a refund by following the instructions that are described in Methods for unsubscribing resources.