In most cases, complex scenarios involve various metric, log, and application performance management (APM) data that have loose structures. You can select a solution based on your business requirements and business environment to analyze and troubleshoot end-to-end exceptions and perform daily O&M on the data. This topic describes the use scenario of the solution provided by the integrated monitoring feature of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch.

Solution Description
Use Elastic Stack to implement integrated monitoring for containers in Kubernetes Elastic Stack provides the integrated monitoring feature. This feature allows you to use Kibana to monitor and analyze the log, metric, and APM data of a Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) cluster in a centralized manner. If you deploy your applications in the pods of an ACK cluster, you can view the logs generated by the pods, event metrics of the hosts and network, and APM data in the Kibana console. This facilitates troubleshooting.