toolkit-maven-plugin is an open source plug-in that helps you build a lifecycle framework and build basic tools for your projects.


  • The plug-in is extensible. It allows you to use Java or scripting languages to edit code in an easy manner.
  • toolkit-maven-plugin can build a specific number of projects into your outputs of the predefined types, without the need to run scripts in most cases. For example, you can build a distribution job based on the metadata about your project, a JAR package, or a WAR package.
  • You can integrate toolkit-maven-plugin with your source code control system, such as Subversion or Git, without the need for additional configurations. You can also use toolkit-maven-plugin to manage the release of your project based on a tag.

Use toolkit-maven-plugin

toolkit-maven-plugin helps you standardize the build process and minimizes the number of repetitive build tasks. To use toolkit-maven-plugin to pre-configure Elastic Compute Service (ECS) resources, perform the following steps:

  1. Install and configure Maven. For more information, see Maven documentation.
  2. Use the Maven plug-in to automate the procedure of deploying applications to EDAS. For more information, see Use toolkit-maven-plugin to deploy applications to ECS clusters.