Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) supports three microservice application frameworks: Spring Cloud, Dubbo, and High-speed Service Framework (HSF). You can use Spring Cloud, Dubbo, and HSF to develop applications and use EDAS to manage the applications.

Application framework Description References
Spring Cloud EDAS supports the native Spring Cloud microservice framework. You can deploy applications to EDAS to use its enterprise-level features, such as application management, microservice governance, monitoring and alerting, and application diagnosis, without the need to modify code or add configurations. The microservice governance features include service query, canary release, outlier instance removal, and graceful shutdown. The features of EDAS help you make your applications more stable and secure.
Dubbo EDAS supports the Dubbo microservice framework. To deploy Dubbo microservices to EDAS, you need only to add dependencies and modify configurations. This allows you to deploy the microservices in a non-invasive manner. After the deployment, you can use the features of EDAS, such as management of enterprise-level microservice applications, microservice governance, monitoring and alerting, and application diagnosis.
HSF HSF connects different business systems and minimizes the dependencies between the systems to decouple the systems. HSF unifies the service release and calling methods for distributed applications. This helps you develop distributed applications in an easier and quicker manner. HSF provides or uses common modules. HSF frees you from various complex technical details involved in distributed architectures, such as remote communication, serialization, performance losses, and implementation of synchronous and asynchronous calls.